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[QLD] QLD/VIC Mystery Ride, Sat Aug 11th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: kerrie oakes


    Given the clash with the go-karting challenge, the date for this ride has changed.

    New date = SATURDAY 11 AUGUST.

    Start point and time is still the same

    Come and join us as we welcome the victorian netrider crew and ...

    ... more

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  2. hope everyone catches up with this change of date......

    can people who are coming please put their hands up now so that i know how many to hang around for on saturday....


    riders list:

  3. I can't do saturday sorry Kezza. Have a good ride, I'm sure it will be great fun.
  4. Busy Saturday too, sorry :?
  5. fine fine see you sunday kerry... all those who can't go for a ride you welcome at breakfast!
  6. well, at this rate, maybe i'll be riding by myself.....in which case, i'll see you at brekky wardie.....

    sorry bout the change of dates and times everyone since it seems to have cut a few people out.... :?

    (maybe i'll just leave all ride and event planning to mutts - he does a much better job than me)
  7. Not the case at all Kezza, but since you bring up the matter, the next ride should be posted in the events calendar soon so keep a look out :grin:
  8. Well, I have a couple of ideas, but it looks like the dreaded Samford to Mt Glorious stretch seems to scare everyone off.....

    I dont know if the vics want to spend 4 hours riding though.... that will impinge on their drinking time far too much......
  9. I'm there.

    We need some other people to ride with us!

    Are there only 3 Queenslanders welcoming the Victorians who have come so far for a visit!?
  10. Well, looks like a route is chosen... starting with a bakery breakfast at Dayboro at 8:30am.
  11. and since i'm gunna be lead for some of it...... :eek:hno: ......be prepared for a nice gentle cruise around some nice country roads.

  12. I'm TEC- looks like I'm gonna be lost for most of the trip!
    You guys saw what happened last time you left me behind! :cry: :oops:
  13. mutts, i just wanta publicly say how much i appreciate the way you organise the group rides for us lot. thanks...... :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  14. Sorry, not me.

    not the least of reasons is that the biatch of a thumper is NOT good for my now one year older back on anything over 100-150 k's. (but it is the ducks guts in the city sprints) I'll probably skip all the longer rides till after the MotoGP, when the vfr will be here.
  15. I'm keen for a ride this weekend. What is the route for this one?
  16. (Psssst.... It's a mystery ride :wink: )
  17. Ah. I see. Now I know why my wife occasionally gives me "that" look :grin:

    Anyway, 0830 start sounds good. Barring mishap will be there.
  18. that's great.....all will be revealed on saturday....i'll be bringing numerous copies of the ride map - but at the pace i'm gunna be leading - we'll probly all be in constant visual of eachother the whole way anyway :shock: :grin:
  19. Thanks Kezza...sorry I can't help with this one.
  20. no worries there mutts.....hope you enjoy the time you have with your kids - my daughter is moving out of home in another week and it makes me think of all those times i couldn't spend with her......

    have a great weekend.