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[QLD] (QLD) Ride / Camp to Esk-Kilcoy weekend, Sat Mar 28th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: kerrie oakes

    Weekend of march 28 - 29.

    we ride out from Dayboro on Saturday morning, over mt mee, through woodford, around the back way to kilcoy, around somerset to esk, from esk to the campsite (satchitananda).....

    then those who want to can camp and ride ...

    ... more

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  2. Sounds like a great ride, Kez. Unfortunately that's a kid weekend for me so I won't be able to make it. :(
  3. that's cool mutts. there'll be other times. of course, you could always offer to drive the support car and bring the kids too :)
  4. Oooh interesting. What facilities are at the campground? Hot water showers??? :D

    Some of my friends are looking to do a trip to Stanthorpe around that time too, will have to see if it clashes... But it does sound like good fun!
  5. showers - depends on weather we get sunny day or not - if sunny we can organise a hot shower, if cloudy then it could be warm, if really overcast - then heat will depend on how good people are at chopping firewood :)

    seriously, we have a solar hot water system, but we also have a fireplace, wood stove, and microwave so we can heat up water and you can have a bucket bath.

    there's also a composting toilet. other than that, there isn't much, although we might be able to organise a spare tent or swag, or a mattress on the floor of the main shed.

    it's all very basic but i love it :)
  6. Oh right, so it's like... not just a campground? Like, there's a house and all that too...?
  7. well, there's a shed, and plans for a house. but no actual house just yet. it's where my partner spends his time - getting the place ready for my retirement :rofl:
  8. ok all, this is a last chance - i need to know exactly who is coming on saturday and i'll need to know by tuesday night. this is to give paul time to organise whatever might be needed and for me to finalise the route - there's some major roadworks on the route i was planning to take so i need time to work something else out....

    if i dont hear some definites by tuesday then i'll be cancelling the ride sorry.....
  9. I cant make this one kez... soz :(
  10. I can't be a definite yet, apparently my mum is coming to visit from overseas but not sure exactly what day yet. Possibly this weekend, but it's looking more likely Monday.

    Definitely won't be camping, but will more than likely love to join you on the ride on Saturday... if it's still going ahead :( If it isn't, maybe we can skip the camping bit and just go for a ride? :)
  11. hey demuire, unfortunately i wont be doing the ride on saturday now since it was going to only be you and me - since i was going out to the property anyway i would be camping.

    i've also double-checked the road works and they are definitely still there - quite a few k's of gravel only road, traffic-light controlled sections and some really dodgy pot-holes have developed which are still not fixed :(

    so it means that i wont be riding saturday now at all - i'll be taking the ute and the dog out on friday evening instead.

  12. Sorry this hasn't worked out Kezza, :( but as I posted earlier it's a kid weekend for me.

    At least you've inspired me to get off my arse and organise another ride. :roll: Especially now that the weather is cooling down a bit.
  13. Sorry i found this thread so late kezza. I've just started being a monday to friday worker as well! (after 15 years in hospitality industry) so am keen to try to get out for more rides. And camping with the family is always good :) So maybe next one??
    And Muttly! so good to see you on the forum again. Hows everything been??
  14. would've loved to come and meet ya

    but puck work on sat and sun!
  15. Hey Balmy,

    I've had a pretty hectic last 12 months so haven't been able to turn a wheel as much as I'd like. Things have settled down a bit now so hopefully will be able to get out a bit more.

    How's married life treating you?

  16. well we nearly got married :p got pregnant with second child before the wedding plans got too far he he. so have 2 sons now. Elijah (4and 1/2) and jalen who's 1. So i havent' been out on any fun rides for ages either. over a year now. so am looking forward to gettin out and about now that i have every weekend off :) Glad to hear you'll be out an about soon. i see BigD once in a while at the shops and he says he's tried to catch up with you for a ride once in a while. So we should organise a get together ride soon. maybe after easter we could loook at one???
  17. Yes, the old shops are in a bit of a mess at the moment. I've seen the plans for the new development, its going to be great when its finished.

    Good to hear there's more opportunities for a ride, now that you're back to weekdays.
  18. yeah it looks like they'll go well once theyve finished. but they reckon will take quite a while hey. being a weekday ahs its pros for sure :) but only downside is i don't touch the bike now. ridden once in the last 3 weeks that i've had this job. whereas i was riding at least 6 days a week before. so that bit sucks. but more opportunites for joy rides far outweighs that :)