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[QLD] Q-Ride Road Ride - Incident

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Valik, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. I did my road ride test on Thursday at Brookside. The weather was terrible. Raining and had no wet weather gear.

    Long story short, there were 5 of us going for our licence. We had a brief discussion before the instructors arrived. We were all seemed a bit nervous given the conditions and our lack of experience.

    We were hoping we wouldn't have to go on the highway in the 100 zone given the lack of visibility and all the other factors I'm sure you're all aware of. We were then told we might not have to. But we did. Toughen up and all that sort of jazz I thought. It's gonna happen some day anyway.

    During the ride 2 of us were dropped off while one of the instructors went back to attend an accident. We waited about 40 minutes after which we rode straight back to home base.

    As it turns out one of the guys hit a guard rail going down the highway doing 100 (or there abouts), didn't countersteer and kept leaning but still went along the railing. Slid for a couple of hundred metres and luckily stopped before hitting a bus. Last I heard he was ok with a small hole in his elbow. No doubt he will be a bit sore over the next few days.

    If you (sorry don't remember your name) or any of the others on the ride read this, I hope you're ok and if/when you book in to do it again - cancel if it rains ;)

    I personally found it quite nerve racking as Q-Ride was my first time on a motorbike. The rest of us passed our tests and now have licences.
  2. F*$% me sidelays, that pretty hectic... hope they were using the Q RIDE centre's equipment :p

    out of curiosity, what centre were you at?

  3. Which of course begs the question, why the hell do some providers still let people with no experience go straight to the assessment stage?

  4. Actually M&W at Brookside (where I did my QRide in May+Jun) make sure you've passed competency on all the excercises before going out on the road ride (although in this case perhaps this candidate shouldnt have been signed off on their countersteering?) - and by the time you've got that far you've had generally around 10 hours of work on the training ground (way more than lots of other providers)....

    Glad to hear in the end there were no serious injuries but that must've really shaken you all up. Let it be a good lesson to you - take care out there particularly when its wet!

    BTW: Welcome to the world of bikes!
  5. It was at M&W at Brookside. I don't know how much training they received before being sent out on the road but I know I did 13 hours in total and at no stage did I see anyone being cut any slack. If anything I would assume it was a rookie error. I'm guessing he knew how to counter steer but froze up and didn't use it.

    A workmate of mine went to one of the other providers and got his open bike license in one day (as did everyone else in the group). Can't say I'd be all that confident after a few hours on the bike.
  6. Hope the fella is alright

    oh btw
    Ain't M&W the ONLY Q-Ride service provider in QLD to have someone die on their course?
  7. Nope.

    There isn't a single Q-Ride provider who is fatality-free, as far as I'm aware.
  8. You are sh&tting me?....

    There are at least 10(? guessing) different QRide providers in the Brisbane region alone.

    Chances of a fatal accirdent whilst on a training ground would have to be very low - might be some good stacks since they're full of complete n00bs - but speeds are low and there are no cages to get hit by... surely nobody has managed to die?

    So for every single provider to have a fatality you're suggesting that even those who only take students out for a 30 minute road ride (rather than M&W's 2 hour road ride) have managed to 'lose' students in the process?

    Just doesnt seem likely.... (Quite willing to be disproven though! :? )
  9. thats insane, thats like the entire motorbike fatality statistic?

    do you know where that data is?
  10. mate i said, die during the course... not lose their life's but have that provider give them a license
  11. Quite the number of responses with that little comment of mine, hey..? :shock:

    I'm trying to find specific data to back it, but I was speaking at length about it with one of the trainers when I did Q-Ride, and that's the info he gave me. I don't see how it's so hard to believe though. Take the company I did my course through (lets not use names for the sake of the argument, as its not relevant in this instance).

    They'd have an average of probably 5 people a day, 7 days a week being assessed. Not on day 1 or 2 of the program, being ASSESSED, which involves (in this case) at least 2 or 3 hours on public roads.

    So every week, that's 35 people who are out on the roads for possibly only the first or second time on a bike (I was one!), through this one provider alone. Now, let's go with what, 5 major Q-Ride providers in Brisbane, handling similar numbers of students? So that's now 175 newbies a week out there.

    Granted, not all will be brand new to it, but you can see where I'm going with this, right? 175 by say, 48 weeks a year...8400-odd students..?

    Doesn't seem too inconceivable to me that at the very least every major provider has had at least ONE death throughout their program - actually surprising there aren't more, given the volume of students. I'm just struggling to find anywhere that records the statistics. :oops:

    EDIT: You know what, thinking further on that...let's even assume an average of 3 riders per day. Still 5000-odd students a year...
  12. I did my Q-ride at Brookside a couple of months ago and we ended up riding back through a storm on the road ride. Was a little un nerving initially trusting the wet roads and due to limited road riding experiance. Freaking wet and cold by the end of it.
  13. I seriously doubt they've all had a rider die..
  14. Ok a few numbers needed here for a 'reasonableness check':

    Firstly the facts:
    QRide started Aug 2001 - thats 7 years of running to date....
    Last year 70(ish) motorcyclists died.
    There are around 30 QRide providers.
    Between Aug'01 and 31 Dec'06, 46,978 motorcyclists completed QRide

    now the dodgy mathematics
    If we assume the number of deaths per year has been reasonably constant that'd be around 490 deaths over that period.. (call it 500 for easy maths)

    If we assume the numbers going through QRide are fairly uniform then its around 10,000 a year.

    For all 30 QRide providers to have had a death over 7 years thats an average of 4 QRide deaths a year - or 1 in every 2500 students dies whilst being supervised?!

    If we assume an even distibution of deaths per QRide provider - for each one to have a death that'd be 30/500 or 6% of ALL Motocycle deaths occuring **whilst** undergoing supervised training?

    Sorry mate numbers dont add up....

  15. Granted, seems like a pretty large number - I didn't think there were that many Q-Ride providers.

    Personally, I don't find it hard to believe still - 6% isn't a huge number - but I'll lie down for the moment until I find stats to that effect. :LOL: