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Qld police shootings

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Whats going on up there, 3 shooting deaths in 3 days? Shoot first ask questions later? Victoria had the same problem many moons ago and the entire force had to undergo retraining.


  2. Just thinning out the population of douchebags up here lol
  3. I'm a defender of the rule of law, but I fail to see how a mentally-disturbed person welding a knife can be a threat to three gun-carrying police officers, to justify them shooting him dead..
  4. Well, Queenslanders were urged to comply with nervous police following that attack in September. I guess they didn't comply. Who can blame the police? They are nervous.
  5. Really? I hope you never have to be put in that situation then. Police are taught to shoot as a last resort and are still then criticised by command who sit back and take 12 months to analyse everything and question what the officer decided to do in 5 seconds. As for mentally ill, don't you think they are the most irrational and unstable in their decision making to be wielding a knife? Not to mention that someone with a knife can run some 7 metres before you can pull your gun out of it's holster. Capsicum spray doesn't always work and tasers need to hit their target and stick into the skin. At the end of the day if someone runs at the cops with a knife, I'd rather the cop go home to his/her family unharmed.
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  6. So would I, but could a knife-wielding person injure or kill THREE highly trained policemen?
  7. Why couldn't he? What are you going to get close enough to try wrestle him to the ground and get stabbed? Yes the other 2 officers might come off unscathed but 1 would be injured or dead.
    Have a look at how the 2 officers at Dandendong came off against 1 guy with a knife. One will probably never work anywhere again and both will need counselling for ever.
  8. Taser Taser Taser,bang.Anyone see Four Corners a while back.Even years after that bloke on Bondi Beach,non lethal weapons just about every where in the force,the guns buy back.This still keeps happening.Its a very hard one to deal with buy the cops.
  9. Without a doubt. And easily too, if the person is competent with a knife.
  10. like the saying goes never bring a knife to a gun fight
  11. I understand the passion here, people, I really do, but it seems to me that the majority of these people being shot dead are mentally-disturbed, not hard-bitten criminals, and there really ought to be a way of subduing them rather than shooting them dead. Police wait out sieges and the like for days if necessary; surely we could be kinder to sick people than just to shoot them; many of them are probably not even aware of what they are doing, much less why........
  12. By the time these "sick people" are out wielding knives at police, its a little late for kindness.
    The system or lack there of has failed them. Why should the people at the coal face (the police) become human pin cushions just so society can feel better about less police shootings.
    Beaurocrats and pollies have been cutting funding to treat the mentally ill for decades.
    Instead of questioning the copppers training and procedures, hit your local member up about what they are going to do about all of the mentally unstable people who should be institutonalised walking the streets.
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  13. CraigA, couldn't have said it ^ better myself.

    Hornet, I get what you are saying, and agree, minimising force is the desired outcome not a fatality, but how would you subdue them then?
  14. yes it is a political question, and yes, these poor people should be in institutions where they can be cared for and have their medical treatment supervised and regulated. As for an alternative strategy, could we not use chemical tranquilisers, fired from a gun, or perhaps just cage them in some way until they succumb to fatigue and drop their weapons? I can't imagine what it must be like to confront an enraged and unhinged person, but surely some means of 'waiting them out' would be preferable to what always looks like 'putting them down'.......
  15. Thanks for your response, most people just blame and don't come up with solutions.
    I wouldn't think that ALL mentally ill persons be put in institutions, yes some. When 1 in 4 suffer some sort of mental illness, if we locked us all up most of Netrider would disappear. (joke) It's the ones who go off their medications or self medicate that cause the problems. When they are on their medication no one would know they had a mental illness.
    Chemical tranquillisers, mmm that's one I haven't heard off before. Maybe like the ones they use for animals? Would mean another tactical option for the Police. Only foreseeable problem is where do Police store this option? Wh0 pays for it when all sides of Gov't are cutting budgets. (I know of one Police station that weren't allowed to buy paper in May, due to the budget running out)
    Cage, again where is it stored/carried? How do you drop it around them? Could just imagine the outcry if a cage was used from the Civil Libs.
    Of course this is the desirable option(waiting them out that is). Unfortunatey the shootings occur when they are outside in the open and the Police feel their life is being threatened. Most of the "sieges" occur in homes, servos etc. On a side note, I remember the one that happened at the servo near the Westgate Bridge that went on for prob 12 or more hours. In that time the Bridge was shut down, should have heard the wingers because they had to go the long way home.
  16. Very few of these institutions exist anymore, most of them have been shut down (particularly in Victoria) and patients have been re-integrated into society. Which is fine if they have someone capable to care for them. If they don't, they usually hop on a tram and sit next to me.

    As far as I'm aware the majority of police force in UK are not authorised to carry lethal firearms, they also seem to have a relatively low death rate of serving officers. Whilst I'm reluctant to judge such a tense situation, I do wonder that an attitude shift wouldn't benefit all parties concerned.
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  17. Suicide by cop. There is often a spike in suicides when one get publicized. I think this is why the media has pretty strict guidelines for reporting normal suicides.

    Riot gear would help, but you're not going to have chance to pull all that stuff out everytime. Legalize drugs and the mentally ill will be in a nice opium delirium.

    [/incoherent rant]
  18. I don't see it as realistic to expect a cop being confronted by a person wielding a knife to assess their mental condition before deciding on what course of action is going to be politically or socially the correct one.
    If I put myself in that position, hypothetically, if I was armed I would aim for the middle of the torso and fire. If I was unarmed and could not escape I would land the most debilitating blow I could manage, if that results in the aggressor's death so be it.
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  19. I was like that last time Queensland was a Police State.

    This is exactly why giving the Police too much power is a bad thing.
  20. I think that point bears elaboration.
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