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QLD Police Picture

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ParkerMax, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. So, this is why we need to wear our protective gear..


  2. I don't understand how a rider could high side on a straight stretch of road approaching an orange / red light.

    I'm an ATGATT boy but there is something wrong with this picture / description.

    My reason for ATGATT is because I won't recognise that patch of diesel on the road until the bike has slipped out from under me. As for this picture, I would respond with "don't be a complete moron" rather than ATGATT.

    That said, I have gout and am in pain and a BAD mood. ;)
  3. Summer must be on its way, yay! I claim first spotting of the first ATGATT thread of the season.

    edit: damn you blacke! beat me
  4. Ooh, is the first squidding thread of the new season?
    I doubt it was a highside.
    And he looks more concerned about the location of his bike than the condition of his butt-cheeks...
  5. He should of at least worn gloves. Now he's going to be layed up in bed for days bored and not be able to have a wank. That's reason enough for me lol
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  6. Looks to me like his bike was going faster than he was. Which makes me think he was trying to get up on one wheel and failed dismally.
  7. hmmm 1.4 seconds, I wonder if he would have made it if he didn't hit the skids.

    My guess of this poor guys thought process.

    "I can make it,
    Maybe not, speed up,
    Oh shit red/light speed camera, better stop"
  8. Who gives a ****. Just learn not to crash.
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  9. different laws of physics in Qld.

    in Vic the second photo would have him flying high in the sky with his bike behind him
  10. How long does it take for lights to change? 2 seconds and still no traffic in the intersection from the other direction
  11. Now if we change just one thing ...,
  12. Does he get 2 red light cam fines? One for the bike and one for the body, lol.
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  13. 3-5 seconds I think.


    The other week I saw a bloke on the highway going 80+ with boardies, shirt and sandles. WTF
  14. You can see that anywhere between St Kilda and Chapel St on any sunny day.
  15. sigh @ typical array of FB comments...
  16. body positioning vs angle of slide.
    compare to:
    bike positioning and angle of slide.

  17. I like Brocky over at the lights with the arm hanging out the window.
  18. nope, only one red light cam fine.

    the other fine is for j-walking.
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  19. Front end lockup I reckon, when he bottled out of running the red.
  20. He was probably rear ended by a cager.
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