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QLD [QLD Police] In car ANPR on it's way.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. http://www.sigtec.com/news-events/news-article/qld-anpr-choosing-sigtec-as-their-preferred-choice

    QLD ANPR choosing Sigtec as their choice.

    August 2012 - News Article

    Sigtec has been selected by the QLD Police Service (QPS) to participate in an extended trail program of their In-Vehicle Platform (IVP) initiative. In late 2010 the QPS issued a RFI for their IVP program which was to include a Mobile Computing Platform, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Digital Video Recording, plus integration to vehicle systems and QPS host systems etc.

    Sigtec was selected as 1 of 4 vendors to participate in the IVP trial program for 6 months during 2011 with each vendor installing in to a single QPS vehicle. In Late 2011 Sigtec was invited to extend the IVP trial program to a further 12 vehicles on an exclusive basis.

    These have been successfully installed and commissioned during February and March with thanks to the dedicated team here at Sigtec.

    This opportunity could extend to 400+ vehicles and Sigtec is actively working to ensure the success of this important trial program.

    = = = = = = =

    Anyone interested in the above should also do some googling about "Crimtrac".

  2. I think it's a great idea as it can get rid of our bloody rego labels.

    Also allwos coppers to focus on people who have actually stolen cars etc (for example) and no insurance etc - rather than just sitting waiting for someone to speed past.
  3. Wonder why they are only coming out with it now ???
    Spose it's just putting what is available to them into one smart package.
    The LPR camera is on the right of the L bar. Looks like a little out of place spotlight
  4. I wholly support the idea of ANPR and its immediate uses. What I don't support is the ability for automated recording of all data in a SQL database somewhere...
  5. It would depend on the states sharing information.
    Which they are not inclined to do.
    So this system is based on catching the poor Jo slob. Mr unpaid parking fine, so forth.
    Mr crim just crosses the border and steals a car
  6. Of course - but nothing approaching realtime movements. Now we have Myki, facial recognition cameras and many new technologies to track people continuously. Many cars have EDR's so the authorities can know exactly what you were doing in the moments before an incident triggering the airbags, etc etc...

    All of these are great when used properly and responsibly.

    But, this technology is in the hands of the same people who sell speed as the majority cause of road trauma..... It's going to be genuinely difficult to be anonymous in 10 years. These computers need security, there will always be social engineering and design flaws or hacking means to access this data, what a wealth of data it is!
  7. If you are worried about being tracked via ANPR and the like, make sure you turn off your mobile phone.

    Most of the population is happily letting itself be tracked in real time 24/7. Suckers!
  8. Well its pretty simple then, don't park illegally and you wont have to worry about unpaid fines. Don't break the law if you cant afford it.

    And stop using credit/debit cards, infact, dont use a bank at all. Dont use loyalty cards. dont pay bills....Dont use the internet.

    Your tracked every day, like it or not. ANPR is no different.

    It does not worry me a bit. In fact I like it, cause it will catch the deadbeats that drive around in unregistered and uninsured cars, the same idiots that will probably back into you bike and do a runner, or have an accident and injure you with no insurance to pay your ongoing medical costs..
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  9. It does not pick up whether you have insurance or not.
    Unless you are reference to a person driving unlicensed, suspended / disqualified or cancelled / suspended registration which makes you insurance null and void.

    You do not get an infringement notice for driving without insurance. You would be not insured due to the reasons listed above which you would be detected for.
  10. I think Vlad meant that by picking up on a vehicle that is not registered, it would therefore also pick up on a vehicle not having CTP coverage, since you can't have the former without the latter in some States.
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  11. I thought so but made a post for further clarification.
    Cheers mate
  12. Compulsory third party insurance is included in the rego. I thought this was the same for all states?
  13. I don't believe it is in N.S.W
  14. That's right. QLD includes it in the rego, as does VIC from memory. No idea about the other states.
  15. Thankfully the internet can be used with a very high degree of privacy.

    You > VPN >VPS>VPN>Target, not even nsaciafbiinterpolmega corp could find you, unless you're an idiot.
  16. In NSW it is not included in the cost of registration but you cannot register a vehicle without proof of CTP coverage.
  17. Whats rego cost in NSW? Do you shop around for CTP and get different prices or are all insurers the same?
  18. Not sure what it costs now but when I had cars registered there is was cheaper than Vic.
    But when shopping around for CTP I was quoted anywhere from $280 - $700 for a 20 year old ute.