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QLD Pink Ribbon Ride - A gr8 day with not such a gr8 ending

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Maxine, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. What a Day!! - First Whinge - there was NO bloody Media Coverage - Can I ask WHY??????? 1400 bikes together sure is News worthy!

    Anyways, 10:00am we mounted up and rode out - what an absolutely incredible sight! There were over 1400 bikes on this ride - it was AWESOME!!!
    We rode out onto the M1 and headed down towards Mt Tamborine. There was a few sprinkles of rain and the wind was a bit blustery but all in all a good ride.

    We took an exit somewhere around Yatala (Jacobs Creek Road I think) and headed up past Cedar Creek towards the 'Bearded Dragon'

    I had lost sight of my buddy in the pack on the way up but I knew she was behind me so on arrival at the Bearded Dragon, I parked the bike, and wandered up to where the riders were coming in to get a piccie of her coming in on her Bike. I was thinking that she must have been a lot further behind than I had originally thought when 'the' call came over the loudspeaker. "Would any family or friends of RB please come to the Marshalls area" -

    I think somewhere inside me I already knew why I was being called ...... One of the ride organisers came over and put her hand on my shoulder and I suddenly felt very ill. She told me R had been in an accident (only 2kms from where I was) and was being taken to hospital by ambulance.

    Looking back now - I probably should have stopped and collected my own thougts a little more before I left but I wasnt exactly rational at this point ....... she was hurt and I was going to be with her!!!

    I made it to the hospital pretty quickly and was taken in to see R! It was SO awful seeing her lying there so pale and obviously in a lot of pain! - 4 broken ribs, a BADLY bruised kidney, Hips, butt arms and a smaller bruise on her chin - BUT SHE IS OK!!! In a shit load of pain but OK!!!!!!!!! I know things could have been WAY worse but just a warning - Be careful out there everyone - keep the shiny side up eh??

  2. Hey Max,

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope she's recovering well and that she's back on the bike, with a smile on her face, real soon.

    BTW, nice choice in bike.. ;) .. what color is it?

    Rosie V7
  3. sorry to hear Max :(

    There was the same media coverage down here - NOTHING !!!

    How did your friend come to grief ? Hope she gets well soon.
  4. That's terrible news Max. I hope your friend recovers soon. It must have been a big shock for you. How did the accident happen?

    There wasn't any coverage down here in Vic either. Sounds like it was just as big as the Victorian ride which was huge.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend's off, I hope she recovers quickly and is back on the bike soon! Must have put a real dampener on from what I can gather, was a corker of a day.

    ok.........1400 bikes @ 10 bucks a pop = $14000 That’s a lot of money raised for cancer! How is it that this ride didn't get any media coverage? I would have joined the ride but I unfortunately got called into work.

    Was the lack of media coverage maybe due to the bias that might exist against bikers or were they simply not aware of the actual event?

    I'd be interested to know.
  6. Maxine, you friends bike is at my work, and it was my work mate with the pink helmet who called the ambulance, I stopped at the accident but everything was already organised by then. Your friend didn't look to bad, she was sitting up, it was shock to hear how badly she was actually hurt.

    That's a nasty corner where she came off, it's tight, off camber and usually covered in gravel, a bit of a trap for the unwary and new riders like your friend.

    Hope she gets better quickly and doesn't let this deter her from getting back on the bike when she heals.
  7. there were 1050 bikes, but on the news they showed all of the little boring stuff they do when they have nothing else to put on tv...

    Last year when we did a charity ride there was a police blitz on bikes, charity ride ignored, police blitz on tellie. Makes you a little pee'd off at continously being portrayed as the bad guy

    During the week when i was watching tellie, can't remember exactly what show it was, a news one, and they have information scrolling across the bottom, and the information was - Motorcycle crashes have killed two pedestrians this year

    I'm like wtf?
  8. Very sorry to hear about your friend Maxine; I hope she heals swiftly and makes a full recovery. I actually saw the accident after I left the place, and the ambulance was still on site (I left about 20 minutes after arriving as I had to visit some friends). I wanted to pull over to see if I could help, but figured I'd only be in the way.
    Tanyathecheeky :- Very true about that corner; it has a bad camber on it.

    I have posted 4 pictures from the day for all those interested..

    The following two were at Griffith University carpark (the meeting spot)... There is just no way I could fit anywhere near all the bikes/people in a single photo, but when you see the carpark, just imagine 3 more of those full of bikes! It was also the first time which because of everyone elses bikes, I totally 100% could not hear my bike (when we were setting off).

    The following two were taken in the grass car park outside of the bearded dragon at Mt. Tambourine. I'd never seen so many bikes all lined up next to each other before (it was wicked).

    Big thanks and kudos to the organisors of the event; you did a fantastic job. They got a firetruck down in the carpark before we left, extended the really HUGE boom skyward, and took some photos.. if anyone knows where to find them or comes across them, I'd love to see it!
  9. Yeah I saw that too (Sunrise I believe), WTF is exactly right! :roll:

    I hope your friend is ok Max and gets back on the bike soon...
  10. damn i know i missed something special... oh well next time.

    DAMN sorry to hear about your Friend... christ. Well with teh bother hoodof bikers she would have had a few people to keep her company etc...
  11. WIshing your friend a quick recovery maxine

    Is motorcycling the only group where the 'any publicity is good publicity' rule DOESN'T apply? Between sunrise reminding everyone that bikes can be dangerous and that absolute PRAT who was bragging to Today Tonight... it's a wonder that ANYONE on the road is nice to us. (yes there are some nice cagers out there :p)

    would be very interested to know if the media was informed about the PRR and chose not to cover it.. or if it's us that needs to push harder to get our good name out there.
  12. You are all amazing - THANK YOU so much for all the kind thoughts for Rob and for me!!

    Rosie, my bike is beautiful black!