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[QLD] Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride October 28 2007 , Sun Oct

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Carol Featherstonhaugh

    The Queensland 2007 Pink Ribbon Ride

    WHEN: Sunday 28th October, 2007.
    WHERE: Lower carpark of Griffith University, Mt Gravatt Campus, Messines Ridge Rd, Mt Gravatt.

    Registration is at 8:00am
    Departure:- 10am sharp.

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  2. Dress up your bike, dress up your old man!!
    Anything Pink goes!!
    Check out the fun they had last year!!


    With 1 sleeps to go, the Netrider group looks like this:

    Carolf_au & Kroeb
    Cookeetree and MrsTree
    Grofaz (Yeah another GPX!)
  3. Have pencilled this into the calendar. The Bearded Dragon is only 10-15 mins from us, so that's a great place to finish at!

    Now, to find some pink gear! :wink:
  4. Well, you already have the pink mirrors on the bike!! The rest should be easy!!! Look forward to meeting you and Mrs Tree!! :grin:
  5. It's not pink, it's p...p......purple...

    *bursts into tears, and runs off to cry on his bed*

  6. It's the best chameleon paint job I've seen!! Just referring to last Sunday's ride comments about the mirrors staying pink in the sun!!!
  7. I'd love to be in this but it's the day after I get back from my 5464km round trip to Melbourne.

    I think I might have to wait until the morning to decide :-k
  8. What a coincidence that the person who said it looked pink posted right after you! :wink:

    C'mon, Greg, what's another couple of hundred k's after you've ridden that far? Give you another chance to pick on my "pink" bike. :wink:
  9. I'm interested in doing this ride as i am moving to Redland Bay this weekend 29/09.

    Can any1 come along or is it only 4 NR people?
  10. Absolutely anyone - if last year was any indication there will be members of just about every forum & motorcycle club around.
  11. definitely its for everyone. hopefully i'll be there....i'd love to organise a pillion for my partner - anyone able to help?
  12. Kezza, if you're nervous on the bike it mightn't be a good thing for you. There are thousands of bikes there.. and a lot of the harley/cruiser riders seem to think riding within a foot of you is perfectly ok.
    It's why I don't do charity rides anymore, I had a f*wit harley rider give me absolutely no room and hassle the crap out of me last time, and everytime I passed someone to get away from him he followed me. I've done 6 charity rides and every single one a harley/cruiser rider has done something. Maybe they get a kick out of hassling a girl on a sportsbike.
  13. I'm intending to start at the back of the pack, and have agreed with my husband that if its too much for me, we'll take the easy way down to the Bearded Dragon (M1), or hit the Logan Motorway and head home. He rode it last year, likes to collect badges and patches for his bag
  14. Carol, could Mrs Tree and I ride with you and your hubby? She'd probably feel safer being around another newer rider. She's been riding for 3 years, but hasn't really racked-up the k's.

    Tanya, if we did this as a NR group ride, would you feel more comfortable? You could stay in the middle of the NR pack and not get hassled.
  15. I'd love to make it if I can but as luck wouls have it that is right before uni exams. I'll be able to tell a bit closer to the date.
  16. Hoping to make this ride :)

    Tanya: You should come, because if you don't then we will all be very sad :(
  17. Yes, CookeeTree, Paul just suggested that earlier today!! At least your bike will be very easy to spot!!
  18. hey tanya....not too worried about the ride - i pillioned last year cause i didn't have my bike yet but it is definitely a ride i've been looking forward to.....but i would love for my partner to be able to join in the fun which is why i'm hoping someone might be able to help with a pillion for him....
  19. "Great minds..." :wink: I was even thinking on putting a flag pole off the rack, so I should be REALLY easy to spot!

    Kezza, forgive my ignorance, but why does your partner need a pillion? Oh, hang on, I think I've got it. You want a bike for him to pillion ON, right? Does he not ride?
  20. exactly....got it in one......he actually does ride a 'motor'bike - it's a pushbike that has a little motor on it - but there is no way he could keep up with the rest of us....... :grin: