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QLD parking freedom?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kyba274, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Hey

    Im moving to qld soon, and am wondering what the laws on motorcycle parking there are.
    Are we allowed to park on the footpath, or has logic escaped the senators in qld, like it has in nsw?

    Also whats this about speed cameras being unable to catch motorbikes there??

  2. No you can't park on the footpath here and bike parking here is generally shite!

    First I heard about cameras not picking up bikes, but I'm not about to test that theory 8-[
  3. bugger... thats a disappointment.
    I was hoping to parking freedom in QLD, as im probs gonna be using the bike a lot more over there due to the warm temperatures.

    I heard that the speed cameras take photos from the front in QLD, and since bikes dont have front plates...
    That was the main reason for the RFID chip research wasn't it?
  4. not all cameras picture the front, believing that will get you tickets.
  5. I never owned a bike when I lived in Brisbane but there were a few spots around the CBD where I remember seeing LOTS of bikes (and bikes only) parked. Maybe some of the locals can point you in the right direction.

    They take the photos from either direction from what I recall. There's nicely concealed hiding spots along the Freeway (near Macgregor inbound just short of the Kessels Road bridge where the noise barriers are offset so that service vehicles can gain access is where I've seen one before) where they can take a photo from behind. I think the blatant one inbound around Holland Park or Greenslopes snaps you from behind as well.
  6. yup, a few spots in the CBD where you can park for free. Get in early on weekdays as they fill up fast.
  7. Stay in Melbourne you can park wherever you want, ride anywhere you like as long as within respective.
  8. The Qld Police were shooting motorists front on for a while from their Gatso photo radar vans but I have noticed recently they have gone back to the old mode of catching you from the rear in the Gatso "away" mode.
    I daresay this is to catch motorcycles specifically as they have no front plates.