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[QLD] Pacific Motorway lanesplitting blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spots, Aug 15, 2011.

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  2. haha yeah, there was about 4 cops there today pulling over motorcyclists and scooter riders non stop.

    i got away again, scanning ahead as per usual and managed to duck back into traffic early enough to not be seen. other motorcyclists ducked back too late and weren't so lucky because the cops pulled them over further down.

    i think they had a spotter somewhere too because when i crawled past the cops, one cop was looking at me and was talking on his radio to the spotter (i presume) about my bike and whether i was filtering or not..
  3. They were there again this morning, 4 cops on the left pulling cars over, and a bike cop on the far right (3 to 1 mergin lane onto the freeway, catching bikes filtering). I was lucky enough to avoid them last week, but they nabbed me this morning, probably cause my pipes are a bit loud and they wanted a closer look.
    Anyways, i had an expired rego sticker (stupid stupid stupid!) on my bike which got me a nice little $80 fine, no points. They also breathalyzed me (at 7:40am). Whilst I was waiting, I asked the cop what they were doing there and he said they were checking seatbelts, mobile phones, registrations and so on. (no doubt, biker filtering too). He said they have a plain-clothes officer on the corner (opposite the Gabba) checking out vehicles and radio-ing in which cars to pull over.
    I'll chalk this as WIN for me as I was going mad-skills 2kms up the road, none of which would have won me any favours with the boys in blue... However, so silly in my opinion, instead of looking out for cars in that area now, i'll be looking for yellow vests. No conducive to safety, really...