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QLD or NSW.... ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Soarer, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Quick question not without it complexities.... (And NO, it doesn't have anything to do with State of Origin) :p

    I'm most probably being moved with work to Brissy in Dec.. I'm wondering where it will be cheapest to register the bike - NSW or QLD?

    I realise that I can't register it in QLD until I live there permanently, but when I purchase a bike it may be smarter for me to only take out 3/6 months rego here, then re register it up there... or vice-versa, register it for a year here, then convert over to QLD when it expires. Hoping that someone can give me some advice from personal experience with price/insurance comparisons...

    FYI I am exempt from changing license/rego over until they expire :wink:
  2. I just re -rego'd my bike. It would have cost $395.00 for the year. I had the bike transfered to a single seater and it cost me $205.00.
    Sorry I can't remember the 6 month price. if you don't pay your rego on time you get stung with a $40.00 fee on top.
  3. What do you mean by "single seater" sorry YammyChick? Do they class bikes as dual seaters usually... ?
  4. In Queensland you don't need a yearly roadworthy certificate like you do in NSW.
  5. That will be nice for a change!!!!!!!

    While I'm on the topic another question for you ... what's the outcome of moving there with a NSW rider's L or P plate license? Any way to scam the system? Only asking because a guy at work moved up here and they gave him a full riders license, because around 10 yrs early he obtained his L's in Vic... and never rode after that. He's not silly enough to go out and get himself an R1 or anything now though, but you never know when it will come in handy :)

    Sorry ... I've kind of hijacked my own topic... as you were! :)
  6. Any bike that has pillion pegs and generally a seat unless modified is classed as a 2 seater. To change it over they remove the Pillion pegs and sometimes frame, put a plate on your bike like you do when you have a new pipe put on and it's now a single seater. It cuts your CTP in half. I don't carry a pillion so it saves me money. Not too sure how it works in other states.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up Tina :)
  8. Soarer, I converted my ZX6 2 weeks ago. Took pegs off, inc bracket on left side and put the cowl on.
    I took it to my mechanic, paid him $35, he put a plate on it, and then i went and paid my $206 rego(inc ctp)
    Disadvantages of doing this are that if you want to convert it back to 2 seater, they don't remove the single seat plate, they put another one on.
    My FZR250 was single seat, and all they did was remove the strap on the pillion seat and the pegs and apparently that is fine. If the bike you buy has no strap, you will have to either fit a cowl or modify the seat. If the bike has only one seat, it will have to be modified (50cm long only i think) and that can be messy.
  9. it costs a lot of money and time to transfer registration between states. If you can avoid it (and you alluded to it) avoid it for as long as possible. If you are talking about buying in different states, qld has 2% stamp duty, nsw 3% and vic 4%.

    License transfers are cost free, however to ease hassle from cops, i'd keep license same state as the vehicle(s) rego.
  10. The green slip gets you in NSW.

    Rego is pretty cheap but green slips generally cost anything from $350 - 650