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QLD Open Licence Upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smidsy, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Hei Guys,
    I can do my open license upgrade on Jan 5, is it worth doing the full 5 hour Qride course or should I just do the test through DOT?

  2. Do the qride, I did and I found the extra information in the course helpful in passing the test. They generally go through everything you need to pass the test.
  3. Do you have to do a test if you do the open class Qride course?
    I did the Qride for my restricted licence and the Qride course was the test - when I had passed the competencies I got a form to take to DOT who issued the licence.
  4. Qride will take you through each of the tests one by one, when you are proficient enough at one they will move you along to the next. Much the same as the restricted. I found it a lot easier than the RE.
  5. Yes, this is how it works. I've just recently done the same.
  6. Depending on where you live it can take months to book in with the DOT....RTA
    And if we are in bad mood you might last a minute...maybe two.
    If I take you though Qride...it's pretty much my onus to get you up to a license level..........
    $78 x ???? or $200 - $300 and you pretty much get your license.
    So...how's your confidence and what's it gunna be ???
  7. Yep, go through Q-Ride, thats what I did. Really, it's not a bad way to spend 5 hours and gives you a good refresher on all the skills you need. Riding on your RE's how many emergency stops, figure 8's and u-turns have you really done? Q-Ride will give you a chance to practice those as many times you want until you get it right.
  8. QRide. Its exactly the same thing you did on your RE bike. You just do it again on a bigger capacity bike. Easy!
  9. Okay looks like Qride is the way to go - I did my RE through Darts so I'll probably go with Rick again.

    As for the new bike, money is tight so whatever I can get for my 02 XVS650 will be my budget, I want at least 1000cc and something physically large - I've seen a GSF1200 I quite like the look of for under $6k.
  10. I went through Rick for my R as well. Learnt a few things as you tend to :)
  11. What I loved about Rick was not being treated like a moron.
    Yes I'm new to bikes, but I had my car licence at 17 (was 41 in Jan when I did my RE) and have a hell of a lot of driving experience.
    In no way am I saying a car and bike are the same, but I wasn't the average 17 year old that needed telling what a motorbike is and which side of the road (and I mean road not lane) to drive on and Rick respected that.

    I love riding and I'm looking forward to going open and getting something with a bit if squirt (at 160kg the XVS650 seems to be working hard over 100) but I gotta admit that I come home knackered after a ride - more mentally than physically.
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