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[QLD] Obi Obi Rd - Info Request

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by ayoung, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, anyone been over Obi Obi Road recently from Kenilworth to Mapleton.
    I'm heading there soon and don't have time to run a reccy

    Cheers A.

  2. I will be going over that way on thursday arvo if thats any help. Why has somehting happened. Hope not I am dragging a not so good rider around the hills that arvo. He can ride well but does not have much tech or confidence.
    There is always a heap of cow dung about 2k's into it from the Kenilworth road. Just before the bus stop. Also Just before it start to get quite tight. Just after the camping area, there is the dairy farm milking sheds on your left as you climb a crest and drop into a magnificent left right down hill combo. You always get that little two wheel drift till the shit clears. Love that drift. As for not so farm pigs.....yep on Sat, Sun. Best to look how many cars are at the shop on your way through Malaney.
  3. Not sure about its current state, but its been closed for months now. There is a 10 klm gravel detour near the Kenilworth end which brings you back out near the climb up the Obi, so you can still get through as long as you dont mind a bit of dirt road. I rode through there about 4 weeks ago and the detour was still there. I hope they re-open the road soon, but they seem to be taking a long time to do it.
  4. They must have lost one of the small wooden bridges again. Bugger. Might give it a miss then and go the Sanford run. I will ring a mate who lives at the top and see whats up tomorrow. I'll give you a heads up when I know
  5. I heard something along the line of dirt detour, but that was months ago, I'd hoped it was fixed up by now. If someone has some more recent info that would be great, we will prob still go that way, but i want to know what I'm taking people through.

    Cheers guys
  6. Closed, bummer. Just rang a mate who lives at the top. They tell the locals this week, every week.
  7. Cheers Guys, bad news, but better now than on the day.
  8. The Obi Obi is only one stretch of some amazing roads all around there. Instead of taking the Obi you can go the Eumundi kenilworth road back to the highway. Or go up the Sky ring chase. The Ridgewood Cooroy road is not too shabby. Or the run down through Pomona to Boreen point.
    I love the sunshine coast. There is so many great places to play, see and do up here. Perfect riding weather all year round.
    The best part of the Obi is the last 1km where its all one way and tight 20 to30 click corners. The rest of it is just like all the other roads around it. GOOOOOOOD