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[QLD] Nimbin for lunch, Sun Jul 1st

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: bugshifter

    There is a few of us meeting at the BP Yatla and heading to Nimbin for lunch. Morning Tea at the Two Pines Cafe then Murwillumbah for fuel then on to Nimbin. It will be a steady pace and suitable to all with corner markers and regular catch ups. This i...

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  2. This is a 8.30 meet for a 9.am depart
  3. ok so whos in on this ride?
    I hope theres more than two of us there...

    mmm although it could be more fun for bugshifter and I.... eewww thats wrong
  4. There will be up to ten bikes there at this stage, Maybe more when everyone wakes up and See's how good a day it will be. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. I would love to but I have to do some editing work before monday morning and I haven't started it yet. It looks like a fantastic ride though. Hope everyone has a great day.
  6. excellent sounds like a good number for a ride...

    well off to bed..
    big day tomorrow hehe...

    in the immortal words of Big Kev (RIP)

    "Im Excited!!!"

    See you all tomorrow...

    my mobile is 0428 750 374 if you cant see me...
  7. ride

    hey anyone from here that did the nimbin ride... thanks for another great ride. excellent scenery, excellent people, great scones...hehe... and interesting nimbin...lol

    look forward to saturday merlo ride and catching anyone else another time!
  8. Well an excellent turnout for todays ride,15 bikes and 20 bodies altogether.
    As usual a good mix of bikes and a couple of new faces.
    As for names I will name the ones I know.
    Bung/Jane..Joe Rocket Blade.
    Evoid(Sean)/Loves riding(Hayley)...ZX10.
    Holy Moses(Moses)..Gixxer 600.
    Mike55...Repsol Blade.
    Apologies to the following;
    Blue '07 Busa.
    Red 250 Across.
    Black Buell..
    The day was perfect for riding,brilliant sunshine,very little traffic and no wind.
    A smooth flowing pace was set for most of the day and a good job was done by those who marked corners and did tail end duties..for the bunch.Smoko at 2 Pines was enjoyed and on to Murwillimbah for fuel before
    heading to Nimbin for lunch.Back into Murwillimbah and on to Currumbin Valley ,
    up over Springbrook and Advancetown,Oxenford Road and into Ormeau for coffee and farewells..A top days ride once more.Thanks to all who came and made the day.
  9. you still suck :grin:
  10. !

    Great pics bugshifter!!! Anymore...? Anyone else got anymore...more..more...more!!! I say!

    if u cant post them can u send then email or pm on here..?

    dan (waspy)