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[QLD] New motorcycle safety campaign by TMR

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by John_M, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. A new Qld TMR motorcycle safety campaign was kicked off last night, titled “Out there” (“Be aware. Take care. Survive”). I didn’t see the TV advert last night but I got calls this morning from very unhappy riders who had seen it. I have since tried to view it but the TMR movie file will not play on any of 5 computers I’ve tried. The campaign will run for the next 4 weeks and I am interested in feedback.

    The members of the Qld Motorcycle Safety Advisory Group (QMSAG) were given basic info on this campaign which has been in the planning for nearly 12 months or more. TMR planned to air it initially prior to Christmas 2009 but they’ve delayed it a few times. Rider members of QMSAG thought the campaign theme looked okay but we certainly never saw the TV advert. The transcript of the TV advert is available online.

    The initial feedback on the TV advert has been mixed: while the main [intended] message is apparently clear and in itself understood (and generally accepted as reasonable), the underlying messages taken by rider viewers has struck a raw nerve in some cases ( abit like feedback on the Victorian TAC ads). The scenario depicted is unfortunately one that reinforces the claimed high percentage of motorcycle fatalities blamed on riders.

    The TV advert apparently shows a motorcyclist being cut off by a car driver (“I-didn’t-see-you”) with the message that the rider must create a better buffer and plan an escape route. The advert may have a narrow focus placing ALL the onus on the rider. Unfortunately in this case, the result can easily be deemed a “single vehicle accident”, putting responsibility entirely on the rider. The message construed to car drivers may be that they can perform illegal or dangerous maneuvers and if they can get away with it, the riders will be blamed (and charged and injured or killed).

    I think it would be a better approach to simply include a message to other road users (e.g. “look left, look right, look bike”).

    I wanted to leave this post until I'd seen the advert, but can’t count on seeing it on TV or the TMR web link being fixed. While I agree with the central message on riders doing more for themselves, there are a few other key issues.

    1. I understand TMR staff have told at least one caller this morning that the QMSAG approved the TV advert. This in incorrect. We have not seen any TV adverts to give feedback on. Not happy Jan.

    2. This seems to be a huge lost opportunity with the other 95% of road users who also view the TV advert - about their responsibility to look out for bikes. It would have cost little extra to have inserted something on the onus of drivers. Sure we riders have responsibilities, but maybe the message to the other 95% of viewers reinforces that the bike rider has the problem (not them). The stigma is attached to motorcycling, again. Maybe this an underlying intent?

    The focus in the TMR advert then is apparently in stark contrast to adverts like the recently aired "A Metre Matters" (by the Amy Gillett Foundation) - designed to raise awareness of cyclists in the minds of drivers. Their campaign has an underlying theme of "shared use" of the roads and responsibilities on drivers to look and leave a buffer; and they've received very positive feedback on their campaign. I like the offending driver being hauled off by the police =D>

    The issue then seems to be not what is said in the TMR advert, but what is NOT said. In response to punitive themes, rider members of the QMSAG (and its predecessor) have supported "shared road use" and "shared responsibility". 
Motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists are all vulnerable road users, but the focus needs to be balanced. How about a similar advert that compliments the current TMR advert: on placement of driver's wing mirrors and looking out for bikes?

    With no shared-road-use message or consequences for the driver, I expect many riders to be upset with the TV advert (but maybe I'll be found wrong?). On the strength of the initial feedback I’ve received, I am guessing the lack of balance in this TV campaign will result in mostly negative feedback from riders and the possibly a lost message. It even has the potential to be as negative as the previous failed Qld “tombstone” campaign.

    TMR needs to build bridges with the riding community if there is to be 2-way communication and if there is to be any hope of opening riders’ minds to taking more personal responsibility. Getting riders’ annoyed, even angry, most probably destroys the foundations that many are trying to build. I look forward to reviewing the advert myself and hope the entire campaign is better than I have heard this morning.

    So if you’ve seen the advert, do you think it assists in changing riders’ attitudes? Positive change? What was the message?
  2. right click>save as. worked for me

    what do i think? well as you said, it shows drivers that we're responsible if they splatter us. i hope this ad gets pulled FAST.
    everyone talks about buffer zones blah blah but if you leave a gap any bigger than your foot some assbucket WILL get in that gap even if they can't fit HALF their car in there. they need to make another ad jumping up the asses of the collective car driving public and remind them that they are not the only road users and their poor judgement can and often does end another person's life.
    i had that whole buffer thing drilled into me doing q-ride, and when i got my truck license a few years back, but (to them) creating buffers means you're making room for them to get in front of you
  3. John M - for the solution to your video problem download and install the k-lite codec pack

    on seeing the ad - basically puts all the onus on bike riders to accommodate the errors and illegal driving of car drivers

    they say keep your distance - okay when following a car in the same lane but rider was in a separate lane and not in the blind spot either in that commercial
  4. Well I certainly hope no Victorian ass-hat drivers see that garbage!
    Most of it is perfectly sound advice to riders but I especially take offence to the 3x repetition of 'Ease Back' as if it's a speeding rider that causes the problem, at least that's how Mr Cage pilot is going to process it.

    I think the content of the add would be fine if there was a second side to it. Showing the car driver not checking their mirrors or head checking before changing lanes. That would show that it's everyone's responsibility to keep the roads safe.
  5. If you cant view it, download VNC video player. It will play just about anything.
  6. vlc ;)
  7. I personally cant see any problem with it. Yup, sure, cagers need to be educated about bikes, but its never going to happen. So until such time as cars a fitted with electronic bike detectors that prevent idiots from cutting you off the motorcyclist will have to be vigilant. Its sucks, buts its a fact of life.
  8. While that is true, I find that I constantly have cars who pull into my safety buffer. I'm sure they think "Oh, look at that gap in front of the motorbike. He must be going slowly. I'll fit in there."

    The "ease back" message is fine, except that it isn't actually a solution in and of itself. I'd rather see some serious education ads aimed at drivers, telling them to leave our buffer zones alone. They have airbags - we have air. If we see too many more of these ads that basically say we are at fault for other people's careless or negligent driving it won't be long before the drivers all buy into that message.
  9. ease up, my arse.

    Move up, Buffer, Think your going to be murdered, Ride safe.
  10. Cant disagree with you there, but do you seriously think the 18 year old p plater is going to pay attention to an add on TV? All they want to do is get into that space so they are 1mm in front of the car they were previously behind. Might work for some, but educating motorcyclist about idiotic cagers is just as important as education the cagers.

    If anything, that add might also alert motorists to the fact that there might actually be a motorcycle that they cant see.
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    How come we seem to get it so wrong here :( Is it just me or do adds like the following ones have more impact and get a better message across?? $h!ts me the adds we seem to get here want to place ALL the responsibility on us? Totally agree with what Thera said above. Its up to us to stay safe, but FFS do we need the gov telling cagers its okay to have a free shot at us!!



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  15. I agree that education regarding awareness of bike is a "must" for all car drivers but to be honest, it is up to you as the rider to try and ensure ignorant dickheads don't impact on your safety. Scan, scan, scan and leave a buffer. The ad scenario happened to me yesterday but I had a buffer and had plenty of time to react. There is no point in getting worked up about this ad. Just look after number one and beware the rest.
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  17. I was booked for filtering in stationary traffic in Brisbane peak hour in June. I disagree that it is "extremely dangerous" to do this. That is a huge exaggeration. The proof is in places like London and Europe where I did it safely and legally and so did other riders.
  18. I get that the ad it trying to advise riders ways to help avoid going down but it does also send the message that we are responsible if we crash because some jackass cut us off.

    Having a look at the slow mo of the hi-side that looks like it would have hurt the wrist badly.
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    maybe we need to make driver education part of our fight??
    why the hell should we accept responsibility for someone else's mistake?
    99.9% of car drivers have no frikkin clue about how to drive safely, they're always in a rush to get nowhere and they don't care for the trail of destruction left in their wake

    they already do

    those vids are fantastic! particularly the first one (that said, the rider screwed it by being on the right hand side of a right turning car)
    regardless, the message is loud and clear. as is the third
  20. Huh?
    You are allowed to overtake (as per normal ie on the right), and you are allowed to overtake a stationary line of traffic on the LHS.
    So what was the "booking" for?

    The ad is not correct. When do they indicate when changing lanes?