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[QLD] New Motorcycle licencing laws effective July 1 2008

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Flying is for planes, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. It's now official, New Motorcycle licencing laws will become effective July 1 2008.

    Queensland will introduce new motorcycle licensing laws, after rider inexperience was identified as a contributor to the road toll. On July 1, the government will introduce a graduated licensing system for all new riders " a system similar to the one in place for new drivers. It means that new riders will have to comply with tougher conditions and pass through both learner and provisional licenses before being given a full motorcycle licence.
    The government will also identify holders of dormant licences, to address the growing number of baby boomer riders who have not had recent experience on the roads.

    June 2007

    Of the 24 recommendations made in the report, the government will support 10, partially support three, and will investigate seven.

    1. That Queensland Transport introduce a requirement for all learner riders to hold a learner licence for a minimum of six months before being eligible to progress to a provisional licence, regardless of whether their licence is gained under the Q-RIDE or Q-SAFE schemes.
    2. That Queensland Transport require motorcycle riders who obtain their licence through the Q-RIDE program to hold an RE class licence for a minimum of 12 months before progressing to an R class licence.
    3. That Queensland Transport investigate the benefits and road safety implications of introducing graduated licensing conditions for novice motorcyclists similar to the young driver initiatives that are being implemented by the department.
    4. That Queensland Transport ensure that all rider candidates undertake compulsory pre-licence training at both the pre-learner (off-road only) and pre-provisional stages.
    5. That Queensland Transport contract Q-RIDE registered service providers to formalise their business relationship as a pre-condition to their registration to provide Q-RIDE training services.
    6. That Queensland Transport institute bi-annual meetings with Q-RIDE registered service providers to allow for collaborative consultation and feedback to enhance the Q-RIDE program. The minutes of these meetings should be made available for public scrutiny. The department should commit to organising professional development days for Q-RIDE providers and trainers to be held at least annually.
    7. That Queensland Transport develop an improved learner rider assessment process and criteria to be incorporated into the graduated licensing scheme to raise the testing standards for motorcycle licensing.
    8. That Queensland Transport administer the Q-SAFE riding test to a random selection of Q-RIDE graduates who present competency certificates to be exchanged for a motorcycle licence. The purpose of this testing is to confirm that the required competencies have been met. The candidates selected shall be required to pass the Q-SAFE test before being issued with a motorcycle licence.
    9. That Queensland Transport revise the Q-RIDE competencies to include additional hazard perception, other higher order skills training and awareness of safety conscious behaviours.
    10. That Queensland Transport raise the pass levels used by registered service providers to determine whether trainees have achieved the Q-RIDE competencies.
    11. That Queensland Transport amend the Q-RIDE training standards to require that all programs include on-road training and assessment. The department should monitor compliance by Q-RIDE registered service providers with this requirement through their auditing process.
    12. That Queensland Transport devise a mandatory, standardised training curricula for all Q-RIDE registered service providers to use when delivering Q-RIDE training.
    13. That Queensland Transport implement a training program to teach rider trainers how to effectively deliver Q-RIDE training.
    14. That Queensland Transport implement a system to examine Q-RIDE trainers on their ability to train riders.
    15. That Queensland Transport ensure that all riders who undertake Q-RIDE competency-based training participate in at least two training sessions on separate days.
    16. That Queensland Transport assist Q-RIDE registered service providers to locate suitable off-road training facilities, particularly in regional areas.
    17. That Queensland Transport officers conduct a minimum of one audit per annum of the training programs provided by each Q-RIDE registered service provider. These audits shall be conducted without notice, in-person, and on-site, and are in addition to third party audits and spot audits that are generated by complaints.
    18. That Queensland Transport, in conjunction with the Parliamentary Travelsafe Committee, government agencies, stakeholders and interest groups, devise a Queensland motorcycle safety strategy.
    19. That Queensland Transport review the 250mL(cc) engine capacity restriction for RE class licence holders in Queensland and consider replacing it with a scheme similar to the Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme administered by the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority.
    20. That Queensland Transport, in consultation with stakeholders, examine the benefits and costs of offering financial incentives to encourage the surrender of dormant motorcycle licences and/or charging a separate fee to renew motorcycle licences in addition to the renewal fees for car licences.
    21. That the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 be amended by removing s58 (3) and (4) so that all drivers in Queensland will be required to produce their rider or driver licences for immediate inspection when requested by police.
    22. That Queensland Transport review licensing requirements for moped riders.
    23. That Queensland Transport continue to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Q-RIDE program and comparative risks and benefits to riders compared to the Q-SAFE licensing option.
    24. That Ministers report annually to Parliament on the implementation by their departments of agreed recommendations in this report.

    As soon as full details of the new laws are made public I will try to update ASAP
  2. Better trained riders in the beginning, safer riders in the future?... No real issues there, without reading into it deeper. However I do wonder if this won't cull the numbers of people taking up bike licences. I've lost count of the people who have asked me whats qride all about... and then that seems a to be hassle to some...a simple day course. So I'm guessing the lazier types might get culled and thus less bikes on the road. I'd like to see more... so I hope it wont have that net effect. I learnt to ride easily enough, I self limited myself from situations until I was comfortable as I'm sure a lot of people do/have. I would be interested in knowing who decides exactly what is inexpeienced and who is too old/long out of the saddle to be riding. Eg driver runs over rider of 2yrs...take drivers word. Someone can elighten me if they know.
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  4. :shock: Pardon me??!! WTF are they gonna do -- take people's licences off them if they don't own a bike? How often do you have to ride to "qualify"? Who checks it? How is it policed? This is the biggest load of tit I've heard in a long time ........
  5. Do you still need a fully licensed rider to accompany you if in Qld as an L Plater? Is what put me off riding bikes in Qld, what can they do if you get in the shit? Nada. If you're a loner type you're basically screwed too as you can't ride solo..
  6. When I was a learner yep... as far as I know it hasn't changed... look up transport qld to be sure. That said.... never needed it. I gained my skills offroad... then on learners by myself. Illegal yes. Caught ever? No. This was pre L plates and I live in a fairly quiet suburb. Simple test. Unrestricted. Easy. Never been even pulled up once. Commute daily on POS bike... had better earlier... never a hassle.
  7. That will possibly get reviewed with the new rules
  8. They were talking about giving people a discount on their car licences if they didnt renew theor bike licence, thus meaning 20 years down the track you would have to go for another bike licence.

    The other option was that people who didn't have a bike registered would need to doa retest after so many years.

    Neither system is really 100% but nothing is in concrete just yet
  9. Yeah the 'being accompanied by a another bike rider whilst on L's' was an absolute pain in the a#@ for me as I was new in town and didn't know anyone with a bike, didn't have the net and wasn't prepared to pay hourly rates to go out and ride with an instructor whenever I felt like riding. Got pulled over once and basically abandoned the whole idea after that. Sold the bike and all.
    A few years later Q ride was introduced and I did that and learnt more about riding a bike than I did riding dirt bikes for years.
    Its a pity it was attacked to such an extent in the media probably by journalists without bike licences or who had ever even done the course. I personally swear by it as a great course with very professional trainers and truly believe its the attitude of riders that mans the differance between dead riders and living ones.
  10. Re: [QLD] New Motorcycle licencing laws effective July 1 200

    A financial incentive would not be too bad and yes I would guess that it would encourage a few people to surrender but if they add an additional fee to renew motorcycle licences that would be harsh.
  11. Yeah lets just over complicate the licencing system so more people get the sh@ts with it and don't bother. Hmmm I seem to remember a similar thing happening with another licence system. :roll: Typical government "Lets use lots and lots of red tape to complicate the whole process" knee jerk reaction.

    Queensland is going to the dogs. Now we have the L and P plate systems. Thank dog that I don't have to go through that crap now. I pity my children but. They are going to have to be circus performers to jump through all the hoops
  12. hey, these new rules are confusing me, i have my 250 licence, got it few weeks back, but dont get my car opens till august which is after when these new rules come into place, and with these rules u must hold a 250 licence for a year before getting unrestricted, when the date comes and i get my car opens, will i be able to get "R" licence straight up due to me getting my "RE" before these new rules came into place? or will i have to wait till i have held "RE" for a year? if anyone knows for sure please reply :] thanks
  13. complicate the system? I know qlders have a reputation for being a little behind the 8ball, but how is this over complicating things? It just brings you in line with what every other state is doing. It isn't rocket science!