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[QLD] New laws for young road users Jul 07

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by skeeo, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/Home/Licensing/Learn_to_drive/Young_drivers/

    Mostly affects new drivers and is quite similar to the p's system in place in nsw.

    Interesting point to note though -

    - motorbike learners will be required to hold a car provisional licence for 12 months before obtaining a motorbike learner licence

    what do you guys reckon, good to give wannabe young riders some experience with road conditions before letting them hop on a bike, or too restrictive?

    I guess in a way this is similar to victoria where you can get your car l's at 16, but have to wait till your 18 to get your bike l's.

  2. This is one of those issues that always divides opinion.

    This rule doesn't cater for someone who doesn't have access to a car but wants to ride a bike for cheap transport.

    Then again, given a bike requires greater skill to physically handle than a car, it would be good to get some roadcraft under your belt before attempting to ride a bike on the road. At least then some of it is automatic and you can spend more time focusing on the bike specific stuff.
  3. When I started to ride it was a relatively smooth transition as I could already drive. Without road experience, you're learning how to ride a motorbike as well as how to negotiate roads. I had red Ps for 5 months-ish when I went for learners, but I was already 18. I think it should be 6 months instead of 12 months though..
  4. just means a lot more unlicensed kids on trail bikes, if they make it hard or impossible to do legally, they will do it anyway.
    So we will lose people to cars who want a bike or they will start riding unliscencesd and never bother to get one.
    Should be assessed for competence at 17 some kids have been riding and driving for years.

    My son is very pissed of at this
    more bubblewrapping by an insurance obsessed nanny state

  5. Ouch.
    I learned to ride on the road cause i couldnt afford a car 2+ years havnt hit anyone i didnt want to yet.
  6. I too first rode at 16yrs 9mths because I coudn't afford a car and had to get to work

    Is there much difference between the testosterone of a 17 and 18 year old?

    How crazy that every state is different. So much innefficiency, duplication and different dumba$$ rules

    NSW seem to have it right - LAMS and bike L's at 16 yrs 9 mths
  7. I'd had my P's for 2.5yrs before I got my bike licence, and I must say, it's made it HEAPS easier to learn how to ride. By now, I've learn't how traffic goes and all the road rules are just automatic to me so I can really concentrate on my riding.