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[QLD] Netrider's biggest ride turnout

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. In Queensland anyway...

    Lovely ride today is was on the road from 6am to 5pm (zzzzz) nearly 600kms...

    We - Sir Skuffy, Roarin, v_quixotic and myself - did the Mt Mee/Nebo/Glorious run and headed south, stopped at Yatala where we were joined by tanyathecheeky and we headed out through Tamborine/Advancetown/Natural Bridge/Mirwillumbah/Tweed Heads.

    Lots of fun guys, thanks for the ride.

    Thanks to Skuffy for embarassing us all by sitting on the fuel tank or side saddle on the Pacific motorway, because he was bored :LOL:
  2. he's such a show-off

  3. :shock: 600 k's, did you take a few breaks?
  4. yeah half a dozen breaks, one about 30 minutes long.
  5. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3882&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=

    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Since it wasn't a ride announcement, I thought I'd post it in the appropriate forum, as per instructions

  6. I stand corrected :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p :p :p

    Cheers 8)
  7. some other forums eg OCAU have seperate sections for ride announcements and reports, maybe we need something similar... any mods listening?
  8. Queensland , damn i miss the good weather :( :( (and football)
  9. Good ride guys, glad you dragged me out into the sunshine :)

    never mind that crazy b*tch who tried to run me off the road .. grrrrrrr..

    but otherwise i really had a good time, enjoy your trip home roarin :D
  10. It was a top ride! Thanks Dan and Tanya for introducing me to some top new roads :D

    It's good to be able to to put faces to names too.

    I posted the details of this event on the overclockers forum. When I noticed anoter similar ride being organised for the same day, and queried why they wouldn't want to join us, they cited problems in the past and said there was a thread about it somewhere :(

    Has anyone here experienced this animosity?

    I suppose it's a case of a few bold overtaking manourvre too many
  11. yeah there was a thread .. there was a fight caused by a regular member of that forum being really nasty when he didn't need to be. (and yes i was involved - surprised? :))

    I was actually glad they didn't go.. as i wouldn't have come out and enjoyed the day with you guys as I did :D
  12. I've just walked in the door about 10 minutes ago. I only took 3700kms to make it from Brisbane to Geelong but man what a blast. That was the best fun I have ever had in my life -bar none. There is no better feeling than having a week to get home & being able to explore whatever road takes your fancy. On some days a 150km trip between 2 towns ended up taking 600kms -but found some of the coolest twistiest roads you have ever seen. Didn't book in anywhere -just wandered into the local pub wherever I happened to be around 4 pm & got a room there. Already thinking about where to head off to on the next road trip. Good to catch up with some new peoples up Queensland way. If you are ever down this way I shall be more than happy to return the favour & show you around. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Great to hear Andrew! I was wondering today if how your trek was going. I wouldn't have thought that a traveller could just rock up to a pub for the night anymore these days - fantastic. You have inspired me, I am going to make sure that I get out and do a few of these trips regularly.

    Anyway, can't wait to have a scoot with you when I get back (family owns a farm at Beeac so we're down your way every so often) but you'll have to unplug a spark lead so I can keep up with the viffer :)

    cheers mate
  14. 3,700 kms in a week, Andrew, what an effort!!! Secret roads? Pictures? Tips on places to stay??
    (maybe tomorrow, mayhap you need some sleep??)
  15. When I catch up with a few things I will do a bit of a write up on the trip. No I didn't even take a camera cause you have to stop to take pictures & I was having way too much fun belting the little 400 along for that. The only time I stopped was for petrol, which was every 150-200kms at my preferred travelling speed. :LOL: :LOL: Besides -how can you capture the feeling of blasting through 60-80 odd kms of 35, 45, 55km/hr marked corners in a photo? They are memories that will stay in my head forever & there aren't words enough to express how much fun I had. Sometimes you just have to get out there & do it for yourself. Not being smart but thats just how it is. :D :D
  16. No arguments here, I'm REALLY looking forward to the Tamworth trip for exactly that reason!!!
  17. happy to hear you made it home safely and had a blast :D