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QLD - Mt. Nebo Road and Exhausts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Ro, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Hey Queenslanders,

    Just wonder what condition the Mt Nebo is in. May be heading up that way soon and would like to go for a run up the hill.

    I've been up there in my old MG B, but that was about Feb.

    Also, heard that there is a bit of a crack down on bike with non-factory exhausts. Is this true?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. non factory exhausts, fender eliminators, indicators and basically anything and everything if you ride a bike

    And avoid glorious, they've resurfaced it and deliberately lefy sharp stones on top, slippery and people are getting lots of punctures
  3. I do recall seeing something about poor re-surfacing jobs.

    That sucks arse about riding with non factory fitted parts. Is it just becausr they needed something to biatch about or was there a real reason behind it?
  4. The reasoning behind it is that it is easy revenue for the police.

    Even bike with huggers are being booked for fender eliminators, and huggers are classified as mudguards.

    A few months ago the cops had a sausage sizzle on Glorious and proceeded to defect most of the bikes that went through, they had a mobile exhaust testing station set up, and if the exhaust wasn't too loud they found something else.
  5. Do you think that an out of state rider might be able to get away with anything? I've got a can and a rack on my bike.

    Or should I put the quiet pipe on it and grit my teeth?
  6. I have no direct knowledge of this situation, but is it possible that the cops are just trying to remove bikes from the area altogether? It seems to be a tactic in some areas nowadays to defect every bike that enters a region, to convince them to stay away. Ususally this comes from pressure from local groups, councils or politicians. Just a thought.
  7. If you have a stock bike and are obeying the speed limits, local laws etc, can they still defect you?

    A rack should be fine I would think. In the same way that roof racks are not illegal on cages...

  8. Are racks (like Ventura's and Givi's etc) ADR tested? If not, they could potentially get you for that.

    I agree with titus, it sounds like they just want bikes to stay away... which is a pity. They used that tactic against "hoons" on a few public car parks awhile ago, defecting virtually every car that looked vaguely like a performance car. One of my friends got booked for having his back seat down (in a 180SX - apparently it was "modified seating capacity" or something stupid like that), and I've heard of people getting defected for not having water in their windscreen washer bottle.