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[Qld] Mt Glorious Cafe, Friday Nights

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Lizzy, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. I work at Mt Glorious Cafe :)

    Rod and Marilyn are going to start opening the cafe on Friday nights for coffee and cakes :)

    Opens from 5 till about 9pm :)

    Would love to meet some of you :)

  2. Is Anybody going?? :)
  3. would love to but i also work in hospitality.. and fri nights are always out for me sorry....
  4. I'm out too Lizzy, by fri night I've already worked 50 hours in the week and having sat as our busiest day it's simply too far and too hard for me to get there, but I wish you luck, hope it turns out succesfull :)
  5. That's ok guys :)

    It was a great night for the 1st night being opened :)

    Was a warm friendly atmosphere :)
  6. hey lizzy... just htought i would check it out to see how it went for the first fri night??? did ya get a few there???
  7. yeah i might get up there a few times -> sounds good.
  8. Yes we got a few there :) It can only get better now :)
  9. nice one lizzy :) good to see.. would begreat to do if i had the time off.. great ride.. nice stop.. then great ride home :D maybe i can swing boss around for one a month maybe;)
  10. Gourmet Pizza Night @ Glorious

    Marilyn informed me today that Friday night will be gourmet pizza night up at the mountain

    5pm till 9pm

    See yas there
  11. Re: Gourmet Pizza Night @ Glorious

    Sounds good-> how cold will it get on the way up there and how cold will it be for the ride home. (I think very cold)
  12. It isn't that cold..

    I only put my winter liner in and wear my neck warmer :)
  13. Pizza night has been cancelled until next week :( Sorry guys :(
  14. Hey guys,

    Is this Mt Glorious thing still going on Friday nights, or is it the remnant of old posts?
  15. I'd be interested. Especially in a month or so. Sounds great.
  16. is it still on if so i am keen for next friday (31st)