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[QLD] MRAQ 2007 Toy Run, Sun Dec 2nd

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Auscruiser

    Start: Nudgee College, Sandgate Road Boondall –leave 10am

    End: Drevesen Park, Wynnum

    No fee for participation, but all donations welcome

    Download the flyer: http://www.mraqld.org/cms/uploads/File/Toy Run flyer 07.pdf

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  2. darn - just realised i'll be in england for this one.....i'll be there in spirit tho - one ride goal for the year that will have to carry over to next year.....
  3. AHAHAHhaha ahaaaa... i wont and this year i will get the day right! :wink:
  4. Might be there, too. Got it pencilled into the diary.

    Hey, Ward, you coming to the BBQ? (See sig line.)
  5. I'll be their just look for the person with the white beard :cool:
  6. You've got a white beard? Excellent! We need a Santa for the Christmas BBQ! :grin:
  7. Not really but just for the day HO HO Ho come sit on Santas lap little girl :cool:
  8. :bolt:
  9. I'm doin this 1 and it'll be the first time i've done it but not the last.
  10. I'm just down the road from the end... I will stop by methinks...
  11. Anyone leaving the gold Coast to go on this one, I get lonely and wouldn't mind someone to go up with, caution though I am older and do perve on women, well as long as they breathe I perve, but then again :cool:
  12. Yes Sir, I am at Arundel. I am far from a hoon so should be able to keep up with you... Let me know time and place.

    There must be others from here???????????????
  13. Outstanding. I reckon the best place to meet is the big servo on the left just before the Hope Island turn off. The run starts at ten so me thinks we should be their at nine just because and it probably takes an hour to get their so what about an 8.00am start from the servo.
    I'll be somewhere near this http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b268/terryjohns/IMGP1224.jpg
  14. I'm a "maybe" at this stage. Will know for sure by Friday.
  15. I take it you mean the BP, more or less opposite Dreamworld, on the Northbound lanes? 8 AM sounds good to me.
  16. Mate thats the one 8.00 be their or be square :cool:
  17. Think I'll b leaving @ around 07:30ish from Redland Bay so i might see u guys along the way.

    I just go up the pacific onto the gateway, follow that around till Bicentennial Rd Boondall, Through 3 roundabouts, Left onto Sandgate Rd & Left @ the first set of lights.

    Is that right or am i in the wrong area all2gether. (1st Time on a group run let alone a Toy Run :newb:)
  18. Thanks 4 that Kooler2.

    As i haven't been here (In QLD) Long i would rather stick with a way that i would be more comfortable with. I'm not worried if it's a longer trip for me as it's means more time on the bike :dance: which is always a good thing.

    For those who use a Brisway

  19. Tim, it won't take you any more than an hour to get there, especially via the Gateway. No need to leave quite so early unless, of course, you're factoring in "getting lost" time. :wink:

    There are slightly more direct routes to get to the Gateway, but the route you've chosen is probably best for someone new to the area. If I come on the ride, I'll come up to Reddy Bay and guide you through the more direct route. Help you learn some new roads. :grin:

    At the "exit" end, you can take either the route you've described, or take the Toombul Road exit off the Gateway and follow that to Sandgate Road. Again, this is a bit more direct.

    Also, don't forget you'll need some dollars to get over the Gateway Bridge - $1.20 for bikes.

    Here's a link to the more direct routes if you're interested.