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[qld] Mountain Loop Sat 11/8

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Vertigo1, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Im going to do a run on saturday if anyone is keen, meet up at dayboro for a mountain loop. Thinking meet up around 930 at dayboro.

    google maps link

  2. Could be keen... I got to get up early and head to Aldi on Saturday morning and grab some cheap gear. Ill pop back to this thread tomorrow and check for any updates.
  3. yeah, i'd probably be keen for this!
  4. Dayboro skate park, or somewhere else in Dayboro?
  5. I'd be keen! Where in Day Boro?
  6. Skate park sounds fine.
    Just need to find the where it is
  7. Corner of Mt. Mee Road and Hay Road. It's 100-200m up Mt. Mee Road from that intersection.
  8. im keen to join up, hopefully ill get there in time if i leave now.
  9. How did this ride go?
  10. I got to the skatepark carpark at 9:32am due to fuelling up taking soooo looooong (had to wait for the register operator to make a cup of coffee for the customer in front of me). Nobody to be seen in the carpark, so I waited until 9:50am before setting off on my own.

    Had a good ride anyway, following a KTM Duke 690, a naked sportsbike I don't recognise and a fully-faired sportsbike w/ pillion over Mt. Mee and to the main intersection at the end of Mt. Mee Road. They set a good pace. :) Lots of bikes on the roads around there - most of them heading to the Ulysses biker rally just west of Kilcoy. The run down the West side of Wivenhoe was great fun, only one or two cars and both of them kindly pulled over to wave me through without any prompting from me. Very courteous.

    The Tiger's new suspension is sooooo much more confident-feeling in the corners, although I might need to soften it just a whisker to make it feel more planted in <40kph turns. So yeah, good day on my end, even if I didn't get to meet anyone!
  11. Don't suppose anyone's keen to try it again on Wednesday?
  12. Hah, I'm pretty sure I passed you near Wivenhoe. I remember seeing the Duke and the pillion and a Tiger. It was a great day for it (until the run in with the po-po at Mt Glorious )