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[Qld] Motorcycle parking - Fortitude Valley?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by demuire, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. I'm supposed to be going in for dinner at the Valley on Tuesday - any ideas where to park a bike? I've never really noticed any bike parking in the Valley, and the idea of parking the bike in some dodgy dark alley doesn't really appeal too much to me...

  2. Where abouts are you heading in the valley to eat?

    When I ride in to the Valley I either park in the Kings carpark (a few $'s but secure and if i choose to drink it's like $5 for overnight...)...

    Or I park in Bridge St at the Brisbane BMW or Mercedes Benz carpark :p

    But other than that I haven't really noticed any decent bike parking areas...
    There is always the Central Brunswick shops on brunswick st where I'm sure you'll be able to squeaze your bike in somewhere... (there's also street parking near there heading up towards the bridge and it's fairly well lit too)
  3. Going to dinner at Koh-ya Restaurant, which is on Ann Street, near China Town I think.

    Where do you mean by Central Brunswick shops? Between St Paul's Tce and Wickham St? Or did you mean the mall? Else, Kings car park sounds good - any idea how much it is for a couple of hours? I'd imagine it would be less than $5?
  4. Ahhh Koh-Ya! Nice one :)

    Yeah that is pretty much in the China Town Mall thingy...
    There's a Kings parking in Chinatown as well - Not sure on the pricing there..

    The one I go to is down Ann St a bit - on Warner St i think...
    I'm not sure about the pricing though whether it'll be any cheaper - I haven't parked there on a weeknight I'm afraid... On weekends - it is definately just $5 flatrate and entitles you to park for up to 24 hours.

    Also - Central Brunswick isn't too much of a walk down Brunswick St, it's located pretty much opposite Blockbuster Video (Heading towards New Farm along Brunswick St). It sits between Ivory St and Martin St (Ivory St has the keen parking)
  5. Ah yeah, I think I know where Central Brunswick is. There's like a gelati place there isn't there? Do you park in the shop complex itself? I thought it was 2 hour parking? Or is this actually on Brunswick St itself?

    I think I'll just go earlier, and wander around a bit maybe. Else, $5 isn't much, I think I can handle that :) Kings parking in Chinatown requires lots of riding up and down ramps (and the payment booth is on the ramp too I think!), and being a noob I think maybe I should take a bit of a hike to the one on Warner St :)
  6. Oh yeah - question. When parking at like say Kings, do you actually park in a car park bay? Or are there motorcycle bays? Or do you just slot the bike in somewhere between the cars? I've never actually parked in a proper pay carpark before...

    Also, with the street parking, if it isn't actually dedicated for motorcycles, can you park in the car bays? Or where do you park?
  7. With both I sometimes stooge a whole carspace for myself hehe
    Why not? It gives other riders a place to park too!

    But yeah Kings does have bike parking available... well plenty of those areas which are too small for cars but fit bikes in nicely (and safely out of the way).

    The road parking on Ivory St doesnt have dedicated bike parking areas as such - but I'm sure you'll find a spot. And the cars usually park efficiently enough for us bikers to fit in...
  8. Thanks heaps :) I'll see how I go :)