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QLD Motorcycle laws changing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrRyannnnnnnn, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    I was up on holidays on the gold coast a couple of days ago and was talking to a man who hires out scooters to people. I was talking about the learner licensing up there. I am moving to QLD at the end of next year and he said that in a couple of months, Q-ride and Q-safe will not exist and it will be changing to a similar deal with the NSW licensing system....

    Is this true?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I was looking forward to getting my Motorcycle license again and it be extremely easy.. I know I can easily pass NSW regulations but it can be a pain in the @ss.

    Does this mean people who ride scooters with a car license in QLD are stuffed?

  2. I take it you are referring to the P1, P2 thing in NSW.. Isn't it easier to get a license in NSW then in QLD other then the P2 time you have to wait if you are under 25?

    Ie here in QLD with LAMS / Q-Ride you have to do an RE practical session and then repeat it again in 12 months to get your R class there is no automatic upgrade like in the other states.

    I'm pretty sure in NSW and the ACT you just do the one practical course then wait out your time. I can see if you are under 25 that extra 2 years on P2 could be a pain though.
  3. was it Moped City?
  4. Fire an email off to MRAQ. I believe the president is also on some saftey committee for Queenland Transport.
  5. Nah, there are two sessions you need to do in NSW as well - one for your Ls then again for your Ps three to six months later. Both your Ls and Ps in NSW are the equivalent of the RE licence (for all intents and purposes). The main differences are a) no course to get your full licence (though there may now be computer based hazard perception tests for your Ps?), b) the cost is about $70 (instead of $300+) for the courses as it is heavily subsidised by the government, and c) the courses are significantly better then what Q-Ride offer content wise.

    IMHO if we are trying to emulate the southern states on this, it's a good thing - it also means the crazy madness in trying to work out what you can/cannot ride on what licence, and what licence you can/cannot get at what point will hopefully be resolved (ie. it'll be course for Ls, get Ls, course for Ps, get Ps, wait x months, get full motorcycle licence). Extra points to the government if they grow a pair and dictate to the Q-Ride providers that they can no longer offer cut down training at over-the-top prices.
  6. I don't understand the Q-Ride system when it isn't manditory. I just went from my L's to RE and did it through QT for $40. Passed the test with only 500km riding experience (I am awesome though). And I intend to go do the exact same test in a years time to get my R class licence.

    The only use for Q-Ride is for those who only just got there L's and want the next licence asap.
  7. I did Q-Ride after a lot of years on the scooter and a few 1000 k's on the bike. Was it worth it? Absolutley. I learned a lot of stuff that I would not have known, and learned a lot of good tecnique as well as unlearning some bad habbits. Its money well spent and I reckon everyone should have to do it to get their licence.
  8. I don't think I actually got to the intention of my previous post...

    I agree with you. Everyone should have to do it. I would have except we do not have a local QRide here, they come from Bundy every few weeks. But they weren't sure when they would have the numbers to run another course and they only do it on weekends and I am a shift worker so there was no guarantee that when they were going to run it, I could attend.

    So I did QSafe, cause I could.

    I think the L > RE transition should be QRide and RE > R should be QSafe