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Qld motorbike towing trailer hire

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Valvoline, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Heya Peeps
    Can anyone in the Gold Coast / Brisbane area recommend a reasonably priced motorbike trailer hire place? Trailer will just be needed for a weekend :)

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  2. Watchu up to Viv.....??
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  3. #3 Valvoline, Aug 30, 2016
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    Blame Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman !! It's all his fault!!
  4. do we have a track day coming up??? (y)
  5. Yeah do we???
  6. image.
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  7. Just a regular trailer should do fine. How many bikes?

  8. someone must have a loaner up there for the weekend, surely?

    NedNed cool pooch pic
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  9. very nice ValvolineValvoline, what a super person you are!
  10. If you are on Facey, post up here as you will probably find help

    Good discussions about the event and useful information.

  11. My immediate thought was one of these, but to paraphrase a local advertisement "You are going to need a bigger bike"

    Dart colour customized_610_386_80.
  12. Hahahaha for a minute there cjvfrcjvfr I thought it was towing a coffin!!

    And yes I'll need to upgrade my lawnmower if I were to tow that!!
  13. Trailer, schmailer

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  14. image.
    What's the name of a gadget like that? :)
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  15. I found it here
    Bike trailer alternatives for track days - KTM Duke 390 Forum

    It has a silly american name - Steel Motorcycle Scooter Dirtbike Carrier Hauler Hitch Mount Rack Ramp Anti Tilt

    If you search for 'motorcycle carrier hitch' on Ebay you'll find them. For a small and light bike like yours it might be a reasonable solution.
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  16. Hey, that's my Duke!!!!!
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  17. And that was me posting on the Duke forum!!

    Things to note are the weight allowance for your specific tow hook installation. Carrier weighs 20kg, can carry 225kg and tow hitch ball weight allowance was 200kg.

    Bike 130kg dry.

    I got the carrier for $80 on an eBay special. Worked a charm . I did not have the space for a trailer so this solved all that.

    Sold it on gumtree for $100 when I got my ute.
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  18. #18 CraigA, Sep 1, 2016
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    1472686572125. If its only for one bike, you can borrow mine Valvoline, but you will have to come up to get it/return it.

    Might actually work out cheaper to rent one locally though

    Its a 7X4 box trailer with points to tie down the rear wheel and also a thang to put your front wheel into.

    Happy to let you borrow tie downs, my trusty ramp, etc as well.

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  19. Is that an XR6 in the back round?

  20. Or just rent a ute???

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