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[Qld] Memorial Service for Boky, 6th Jan

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Geoff3DMN, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. *From the OCAU.MC forums* (where I am Geoff-3DMN)

    For the information of anyone who might be wondering about memorial arrangements.

    The service for Boky will be in Warwick in QLD on the 6th Jan at 11am.

    Family has requested as many bikes as possible attend the service and we will do an honour guard.

    It is envisaged there will be another service in Syd in about 2 weeks time for those who can't make it up here, but he will be laid to rest in Warwick so try and make it if you can.


    If you're going to be staying overnight, The
    Center Point Motel (07) 4661 3488 ($68single/$79double +$11pp
    additional) is where most of us are staying. They're on the highway, have heaps of parking (for, eg, cars with motorcycle trailers) and is reasonably in the center of town.

    *Riding there*

    Leaving Wednesday Morning and riding up from Central Victoria (can meet any Melbourne people that are riding up at a suitable point along the Hume).

    Meeting up with IK and Jase at Goulbourn after they ride out from Canberra and then taking the back way into Sydney where we will meet Shadow (you'd need to arrange your own Sydney accomodation) about 900kms.

    Thursday morning meet the rest of the Sydney people at 'graths hill maccas at 06:30 for the ride to Warrick (about 700 kms).

    Friday is the funeral. A few people are leaving Friday night and riding part way back, the rest are leaving Saturday morning and riding back.


    Kitzo is flying up, Jodz is flying up from Melbourne (and some others).

    Others are flying up from Sydney.

    Virgin Blue are offering the best Melbourne->Brisbane flights, and they arrive at 7am. If you're coming from Sydney the Virgin Blue flight arrives at 6:55.

    You would need to arrange transport from Brisbane airport to Warwick (180kms) and most people are using hire cars... it is about a 3 hour drive.
  2. From Chris Cootes of OzVFR.net via the OCAU.MC forums.



    First of all to get to this point it has taken a lot of effort by a lot of people. The sheer logistics of tidying up loose ends has certainly taken its toll. Thank you to you all. All of Darren’s personal business has been arranged.

    Funeral in Warwick:

    His Funeral will be held at the Warwick Uniting Church, 11am Friday the 6th of January. The church is located at the Cnr of Guy and Fitzroy St’s in Warwick. The service will be open to all, and will have eulogies spoken by Darren’s friends and colleagues.

    There will be no formal escort for the service, before or after. The service will be followed by a ‘Staintune salute’ that will be prepared with the bikes on the day. This service will be followed by drinks and a light supper provided generously by the church.

    For those that are coming from Brisbane, a mass ride is planned; IT WILL LEAVE AT 8AM SHARP from the McDonalds at Goodna. There are no stops planned so come prepared and fully fuelled, bike and rider (It may well be hot- be hydrated). It will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on traffic and will cover the 135km in one stretch. It will be taken at the speed limit, no less and no more. Cars are welcome to follow as of course many will be in hire cars. Please if you can, tie black ribbon to your left mirror in tribute. Could representatives of your respective ride groups please email me approximate numbers of attendees of both the ride and service to: chris@ozvfr.net

    NO STUPID RIDING WILL BE TOLERATED; THE POLICE AND MEDIA HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF THE RIDE. We will be riding as one group and we expect everyone to stay as one group.

    There are obviously people coming in from many places, those that are staying in Warwick are invited to simply show up at the service or if they wish to join the mass ride from Brisbane whether they tack on somewhere along the route (suggest Cunningham’s Gap) or leave Warwick very early and then return with the ride the full distance. We will not stop to pick you up, so be ready to join on the back of the group.

    The family has arranged the funeral and have requested no floral tributes and instead have asked that anyone who wishes to make a contribution please make that to the Steven Walter Fund, who arrange the Snowy ride every year – http://www.snowyride.com.au.

    Please contact myself at: chris@ozvfr.net if you or your ride group would like to make a donation. The Bank account details are as follows:

    Bank: Westpac
    Name: Chris Coote
    BSB: 034081
    A/C: 194622
    (Please ensure any deposits are identified as ‘For Boky’)

    Service in Sydney:

    It is planned to have a memorial service in Sydney at the Granville RSL Auditorium at 5pm. It is on Memorial Drive, Granville. You are welcome to have a drink or two afterwards at the RSL club. This service will be for those that cannot make it to Warwick, for his fellow army servicemen and friends.

    To finish, these arrangements will only work if you work with everyone else as a team. Ask questions, pay attention and ride appropriately. The end result will be worth your efforts. Boky was a precision rider!
    Chris Coote
    VFR '04
    I love VFR's

    *end quote*