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[QLD] Maindenwell Ride. Date TBA

Discussion in 'QLD' started by TRA, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. [QLD] Maindenwell Ride. 25th-26th August.

    Ok, date is set, 25th-26th August. Pipe up if you are interested. If you want a bed, I would book now. I will be camping.

    Just got back from the latest trip, another great night. So I thought I would get in early this time, and plan another trip in 3-4 months time. Its going to be really cold up there at that time, and there is only limited beds. The last Saturday of the month is the pig on the spit, and its a great feed, cost $15 and you wont need to go back for seconds. Beds are about $25 IIRC, been a while for me though, normally sleep in the swag. Camping is free. The owner lets bike riders park undercover out the back of the pub. Bikes get preference.

    This will be learner friendly, and also suitable to small capacity bikes. ITs a fun social weekend, and we usually have a lunatic out front marking the corners, so fast riders also not a problem.

    Typical ride starts from Samford, out to Esk via Mt Glorius. Esk-Hampton Road to Philp road then accross Perseverance Dam to Crows Nest. Fuel up at Crows Nest then Cooyar and onto Maidenwell.

    The ride can be timed for people who want to meet up somewhere, ie southside riders can meet up at esk.

  2. Sounds fun. I'm keen for basically any weekend from mid-May onwards.

    P.S. You went out via Nebo yesterday, then?
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    We went to cross glorious, did not know about the land slip. So went mt mee onto dag highway.
  4. Ah, of course. I got caught out as well, ended up going over Mee a couple of times instead.
  5. Alright, last Saturday of this month (30th June), or next (28th July)?
  6. I am tied up sailing both of those weekends at this stage. Got august free however.
  7. I'm cool for any weekend in August.

    Set a date, and they will come!
  8. Just realised, the August piggy weekend is the wifes Birthday weekend. She is on the Monday though, so maybe I can get away with it, just need to make a plan now. Maybe I can take the Monday off work or something, let me work on that one!

    The date will be the 25th August if it happens.
  9. I am confirmed for August. Will post up the ride map soon for comments
  10. I think this would be fun!
  11. Its a fun night, and and a nice easy, yet fun ride.

    I should post it up on BRC, unless you want to!
  12. Sounds like a plan.
  13. Just learned that my new work requires a conference in Melbourne on the 24th and 25th August. FFS. ](*,)
  14. Well this is a definite go. There will be no accommodation though, frikking laverda club has booked the joint out!! Lucky I am a member! Anyway, I will be camping so the old farts can have a warm bed. Not sure how many are going, but there is a lounge room in the house next to the pub that some people can sleep in.

    I will be departing samford servo, time to be advised. Ride will cater for all and sundry, the fast guys can ride up front with the laverda club nutjobs (good luck if you can keep up), the slow riders can hang out at the back with me. No one will be left behind.