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[QLD] M1 lane-splitting blitz in progress!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ~DadAgain~, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Just heard from a colleague theres currently a bunch of cops on the M1 somewhere between Brissie and the GC busting lane splitters.

    as a result traffic is backed up bumper-bumper for 10-15kms (even worse than usual) - Causing more riders than usual to lane split!

    ...STUPID policy.....

    hope nobody here gets pinged!
  2. Re: M1 lane-splitting blitz in progress!!

    Didn't the French protest this kind of thing by having a heap of riders go through Paris taking as much space as a car - and effectively bringing it's CBD to a stand still??
  3. Sounds like it's time for that kind of ride!
  4. I'd be up for that.
  5. Lucky my exit off the M1 is the gabba.. :)

    I did see a motorcycle cop off his bike on Cribb St (between Milton Road and Coro Drive), when he turned his head i filtered like crazy :p
  6. Yeah - you'd need a few people and a well organised media frontman prepared for a hostile reception form the press. (I'd happily join any ride - but dont have the 'stones of steel' required to face media)

    My guess is that nobody in Australia is organised enough to do anything about it so as with everything else in life we'll all end up bending over and getting screwed.
  7. I'm good with the media :)
  8. so they're intentionally disturbing traffic with the aim of causing riders to lane split where they can be nabbed?

    glad to see they're not wasting efforts on taking out the dangerous drivers.... so long as those eeeebil motobikes are off the roads.....
  9. I saw a guy get done turning on to SE freeway off hale street the other day. Learnt a good lesson from it too. I saw the cop on the bike, so neatly pulled in gap. Saw the other guy filter past but never had time to warn him before he was gone. Next time I see a cop I will sit in the middle and block the space so no one else gets done.
  10. There have been a few motorbike cops hanging around the T2 section in the afternoon lately. Mostly picking up cars which attempt to use the breakdown lanes as a way to skip to the front of the ever-present Gateway merge traffic jam. I saw a queue of about 10 cars at one point, stuck because the cops were busting one after the other, and unable to merge back into traffic due to the jam! Haven't seen them picking off any splitting riders, but I know they like to enforce that down the road in the part where it gets narrow through Springwood.
  11. I also heard they were stinging people on old cleveland road recently too