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Qld license - Unrestricted - Need Help

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kubira, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. Got a small problem,

    I had my Learners bike license in Queensland for 3 years, im eligable to do the prac test, which will give me my unrestricted bike license

    problem is i live in Adelaide, and need to fly to the coast, transfer my license back to qld, and try and find a bike to make the test :grin:

    so, im looking for a 250 or smaller that i can loan for the day when i fly up later this month to complete my test

    Road Transport Authority wont allow me to transfer my L's to Adelaide, due to political junk, however if it is unrestricted they will.
    If i start from scratch here in Adelaide, $500 worth of tests to get my L's which i then have to be on for 1 year, to then get my open :evil:

    As you can imagine i could, with a bit of luck, make short work of getting my unrestricted bike in less than a month.

    If you think you can help me out in any way, pm me, i would really appreciate it. Tx
  2. Why not book a license ride with a Q-Ride mob that provides the bike?
  3. ^^^^^^^^^ What he said!!


  4. QLD doesnt have an "unrestricted " licence system anymore

    as of last year (1/7/08) you have to hold your P's for 12 months before you can go for a 250cc+ bike/ licence

    however as of 1/7/09 LAMS is to begin
  5. Not sure on what you're getting at so correct me if I'm wrong.

    If you successfully complete a Q-Ride test you given an 'Open' restricted capacity license. No Provisional license necessary.
  6. it used to be like that.

    however it was stopped back in 08 and you now have to ride a 250cc (or less) for 12 months, after 12 months you can go for your "opens" test which will give you your full licence ( no pillion for 12months)

  7. That's correct however if you have held your open car licence for 12 months or more then you can go straight to your unrestricted motorcycle licence by completing qride. If you haven't got an open car licence then you can do qride but you can only get a RE licence for 250cc and under.
  8. I stand corrected. Just checked on the qld transport website and crash tester is right. You can't skip straight to R licence if you have had your open car licence for more than a year anymore. Glad I got in and did mine before all the changes.
  9. K, cheers for the replies, ive spoken to a trans qld rep/person/dude, and he has told me i can, given the fact i have had my L's for 1 year or more and my open Car license for 1 year or more, pay $42 dollars, goto southport, and take my bike test, with the dude behind me on his bike. I guess this will be for my provisional.

    He did tell me it would be transferable to Adelaide, which is my main perogative

    Q ride, yes ive looked into this unfortunately they think anyone requiring a license needs to be taught how to ride..

    I made sure i asked the guy at trans qld, multiple times that i can do my test, he insisted i can do it from southport just as you would a provisional from L's to P's in a car.

    TBH, q ride is lookin like the road ill end up on, even tho drtq. has told me i can level thru them :shock:
  10. I had been riding bikes for years and I went ahead and did Qride through AMA on the GC as I had procrastinated for far too long didn't realise that the old Qride system had gone out the window, until about 2 weeks after it did when I went to book. So here I am stuck on a 250 for a year. I hope it is not true about LAMS coming in for QLD this year as that will probably drop the value on the VTR that took me so long to find.

    Anyway, I'm glad I did the 6 hour thing through AMA as I got to play on a few different bikes and it doesn't matter how experienced you think you are, there are always a tonne of questions a discerning rider should be asking the instructor about, it's money well spent and in your case it would be a hell of a lot more convenient considering the logistics of what you want to do. Not to mention that the Qld Transport guy is probably likely to fail you over something tight ass like failing to ride like you have a stick up your ass or something, and still take your money and tell you to come back next month.
  11. It is active in Adelaide, why i have to go get my opens to ride my NSR