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[QLD] Licence Confusion

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by iEdd, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking of getting my learner's soon, but the QLD system is a bit confusing. Bearing in mind that I may not get a bike or do training for a little while, I'm thinking of getting my Ls long before July 1st when the new rules come in, as it's generally easier to go through on the "old system" with these things. I'm hoping that having my Ls before LAMs will allow me to ride ANY 250, as well as any LAM bike when that comes in. It also means the 6 months I have to hold them for goes a bit quicker.


    1) Does anyone know how long Learner's are valid for in QLD? I can't find the expiry period on the QLD Transport site anywhere. Or does it just expire when your car licence does?

    2) It says that you can be accompanied by a "pillion or side car passenger". The first seems crazily dangerous and the second doesn't seem like it would teach you how to ride as you can only lean one way with a sidecar. :grin:
    It doesn't say it on the site, but can you simply be accompanied by someone else on a bike? Or better still, someone with a bike licence following in a car?

    3) The next step is to get "provisional or open RE licence". Not as obvious as in NSW when you go provisional then open. I assume it's provisional if your car licence is provisional and open if your car licence is open, correct?

    4) Can anyone tell me about Q-Ride? Like a breakdown of what you do each day. For example, do they throw you on the highway after you can barely change gears or do you do a few sessions in carparks first?
    I'm thinking of AMA at the Gold Coast, anyone been with them?

    Thanks guys.
  2. in QLD now
    u have to hold your license for 1 year before you can get your learners

    you can't have a car follow you. must be a person as pillion on your bike or a bike infront or behind you

    3) yes

    4) do basic maneurvererafefadfadfag (cbf spelling) stuff.. braking, shifting gears. Emergency braking and if you're confident enough they will take you out on the open road. I haven't answered everything.. but will try to. gotta go out to get a few parts for the bike
  3. Thanks for the replies - yeah there's a bit of overlap between New Rider's and Riding Tips and Politics and Law forums.

    I think I saw that thread you linked to before, from a google search.

    Can't seem to find an answer on when the Learner licence expires though.

  4. No there is no overlap, at least there shouldn't be. :)
    Matters of the law and licensing are the domain of politics and the law forums.
    New riders and riding tips should be discussions on riding technique and how to better it.
    The reason this is the case is that many times a legal question gets asked in here and a helpful poster makes an unhelpful post quoting the wrong state's laws.
  5. Well I'm a New Rider so it belongs in here, but also asking about Law so it belongs there. :p

    What you said makes sense though, I'd be quite happy if you moved the thread there if you feel it's better suited. :)
  6. Re: Queensland Licence Confusion

    Same as car licence.


    I had never ridden a road bike before. I did a Q-Ride "refresher course" (through TopRider at Nerang - I highly recommend!).

    In the morning they went (very quickly) through everything from geometry of the bike, to walking the bike around, to starting, using clutch, finding gears, slow riding, moving up through the gears, braking, slalom and even basic maintenance etc (all in a carpark). The morning session was finished off with a short easy road ride.

    The afternoon was the Q-ride test on the road. All done and licensed in less than 12 hours.

    I now want to pose a question of my own. I got my RE under the current laws. If LAMS is introduced, does LAMS apply to me, or do the current laws apply to me? i.e. if I owned a 2stroke 250, would it become illegal for me to ride it at midnight, 30 June 2009? How is this overlap going to be dealt with? Anyone know?
  7. Thanks for the reply.

    No-one knows for sure how LAMs will be handled. I would speculate that it would be "the following bikes in the category of 0-260mL are prohibited, except for those who got their licence on or before 30th June 2009".

    Hopefully rider's of the old system will be allowed to ride the new LAM bikes too.
  8. Yeah if you have a bike not covered under lams before the date everything changes, you should be right. Just like when everything changes up there with displaying p plates and high powered cars etc. If you had your licence before laws were introduce, then no p plates and no power restrictions :)
  9. Re: Queensland Licence Confusion

    I went through them. Never ridden bike before. Was nice and easy.