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QLD learner rules

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by i.d.g.a.f, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. okay, so iv read everything on the QLD transport department website. and i was under the impression that while on L plates in australia you could ride by yourself with out a trainer/instructor.

    i kind of got that idea from posts on netrider.

    i was just wanting clarification as to if this is the case.

    when on my queensland L plates (period of 6-12 months) do i have to have a teacher with me at all times. or can i ride by myself while on L plates.

    and yes i did a search of netrider before starting this thread
  2. Once you get your L's you can ride by yourself (Same as any australian state or territory)
  3. hmm ok, im only 16 and i get my L's in june.

    and some mates from school have said some things after going for their L's that have made it sound otherwise.

    one said that its only 6 extra questions on your theory test and you get your RE's....i was under the impression you had to do a practical test ?

    another said that you have to have somebody with an open license with you at all times, just like car L's.

    got into some animated argument over it, and would just like to clear things up.
  4. Riding solo on learners

    I've checked the queensland department of transport site, and i quote:

    Conditions of your motorbike learner licence

    * You must ride under the direction of someone who holds a current open licence for the size of motorbike you are learning to ride. They must have held that licence for at least one year.


    So, the answer is no, you can't ride unoccompanied on a learners. Funny story, a friend was riding on a learners(on his 250), and got stopped by a cop for a license check. The cop told him that he couldn't ride home by himself, so he would stop someone who held an open license to get him home. The next rider comes along and gets stopped. He is asked for his license and is ridinging a 600 on a 250 learners. So the cop says "I'm going to ride off in this direction, I suggest you go in the opposite".
  5. two replies, both with opposite opinions.

    anybody else ?
  6. I was unsure too, the wording can give that impression, no you must ride with someone that has an open licence. I rang and checked with Queensland Transport a few weeks ago and the lady read it through with me off of the website. She did agree that it was unclear.

    Conditions that apply when learning to ride
    You must display an L plate at the rear of the motorbike. L plate offences carry penalties for both the learner and teacher.
    This teacher may be a pillion or sidecar passenger. Your motorbike must have a suitable seat and footrests if your teacher is going to be a pillion passenger.
    You must only be taught by a person who holds and has held an open licence for the class of vehicle you are learning to ride, for at least one year.
    You must carry your class RE learner, provisional or open licence with you at all times when you are learning to drive or ride and show it immediately to a police officer when required. If learning through Q-RIDE, you must also carry the receipt with you when learning to ride.
    You must obey any conditions stated on your learner, provisional or open licence.
    You must have a zero (0.00 per cent) blood or breath alcohol limit if you are under 25 years and learning to ride the motorbike on a learner or provisional licence
  7. seems extraordinary that an L plater could take a pillion or a side car...thats a bit of a nonsense really

    it might be easier to call one of the q-ride providers and get the real story on the current requirements.
  8. A learner can take a pillion as long as the person has an open license. Seems straight forward to me. :roll:

    Don't call a Q-ride provider call the Qld transport department. :wink:
  9. You must be escorted on your L's by someone with an open bike licence who's had it for at least 12months.

    Yes strangely enough you can pillion them, but once you get your P's you're not allowed to pillion for 12 months

    The fully licenced bike person can follow you in a car if they like (happened to someone i know)

    Q ride is way way easier :)
  10. OK like most people from qld have said. This is how i understand it..

    1- Must have L plate now
    2- Must have somebody with a open RE lisence either on the bike or on another bike beside you
  11. As Tanya said, just do Q-ride.

    You don't do any road rules tests at Q-ride so you have to learn these before you start.

    The L's system in QLD is insane, how is having someone behind you in a car going to help you learn.
  12. I thgought you had to have had your lisence (car) for 1 year to do Qride?
  13. Wipers on = go faster
    Wipers on and spraying water = go slower

  14. Taken from the ride smart web site:

    Re (250cc) motorbike training - you must hold a current RE learner licence.

    R (Over 250cc) training -
    1) Must hold a current drivers licence for at least 3 years in the last 5 years and must also have a Re learners licence.
    2) Hold a Re provisional or open licence and Q-Ride certificate
    3) Hold a Re provisional or open licence for at least 1 year."
  15. so if im 16 and 6 months, get my RE's and go do Q-Ride.

    does that allow me to ride by myself ?
  16. Qride for someone who is 16 yrs 6 months, no. Riding on a learners without an instructor/teacher, NO.

    Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Driver Licensing) Regulation 1999 Queensland

    (5) However, a holder who is authorised to learn to ride a
    motorbike under this section, section 35(10) or section 37B(2)
    must not ride the motorbike on a road unless—
    (a) the holder is driving under the direction of a person,
    whether or not the person is a passenger on the
    motorbike; and
    (b) the person—
    (i) holds an O type licence for the class of motorbike
    that the holder is riding; and
    (ii) has held the licence for at least 1 year.
    Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.

    So the current definition of a penalty unit in Queensland is $75 so

    This means that if you ride on a learners without someone who has an open license with you ,the maximum fine is $1500. Nothing ambigous about that. I've never heard of a learner being able to ride by themselves in queensland.
  17. Hey all,
    As far as going to Q-Ride to get your licience,
    Q-Ride is only available to poeple who have held an OPEN Class Car Licinece for 3 years or more.
  18. Just a correction Big Chriss I attended a Q-Ride training centre last December to obtain your unrestricted (R) license yes you need to have had your open card license for 3years, however if you have not had your open car licence for 3years or do not have a car licence you still can attend Q-RIDE to obtain you restricted engine (RE) license the only requirement is that you have your Learners permit which you need to obtain from QLD Transport before going to a Q-RIDE centre.

    This may be a plug for them, but hell I found them to be bloody great at teaching and not nazi like, that is the QRIDE centre I attended being Morgan & Wacker , Slacks Creek

    If you are going to Q-RIDE , which I suggest every learner should as gives some basic techniques a bunch of theory from people that know rather than a mate that says he does and may not, and its also a bloody good time if your a complete novice.