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QLD Learner License

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Eldeeff, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hi, Name's Luke. I'm your average Joe. Recently been looking into motorbikes. I've always wanted to ride one, and have always regretted saying no to the Transport Dept. lady upon going for my car learners (all 3 times... haha). Any way, I've had my P's for a year and a half now. Very eager to go get my moto L's soon.

    I've only rode postie bikes down in Vic at my cousins farm. Oh and a 100cc kids bike, lol. So I understand the very basics of motorbiking.

    I was curious if anyone in QLD has gone for their L's, P's or whatever, involving motorbike licensing? How is it? What happens?

    I've heard about the Q-RIDE, and I'm not planning to go with that, as I have no income at all. But my brother-in-law has a 650 I may learn on. So if I took the Q-SAFE option, will the practical test still be expensive, or only as much as the car prac test?

    Any personal experience will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Welcome to Netrider, Luke! :D

    To get your L's in QLD you need to answer 5 multichoice questions which takes about two minutes and it's all yours. I think Victoria can ride unsupervised on their L's, in QLD you have to be supervised by with someone with a full licence.

    I did Q-ride which was awesome fun! I sucked when I started off riding but a few lessons gave me the confidence I needed on the road. You can also do the test through Queensland transport, I think the difference is you have to wait 6 months on your L's before being elligible for the Q-transport test.

    RE licence is the one up from L's, like the learner licence your still restricted to a LAM listed bike but can ride unsupervised. Test is pretty straight forward - Emergency braking, counter-steering, tight figure eights, slow speed control ect, a brief written test and a road ride.

    R licence is the final stage and allows you to ride whatever sized bike you'd like. Similiair to the RE testing except it's done on a bigger bike.

    Check out the QLD transport website in the motorcycle section for more info.
  3. https://www.service.transport.qld.gov.au/rrtexternal/SelectExam.jsp

    and you take the bike exam , do it over and over and the basic questions are pretty simple.

    Q ride was great, I have done it twice now once for the RE and 2nd for the R.

    It was handy to pick up on my bad habits.

    Practise slow riding , eg less then 5km an hr, figure 8 and doing U turns, with out dropping a foot down.

    Other then that just enjoy the riding.
  4. Yup, the questions are easy. If you get on the qld transport website you will find practice test. Do all of them again and again till you get them all correct. When you go do your test you will be doing one of those test.

    As for Q-Ride, honestly, its worth the money. When you ride a bike you are taking you life into your own hands. These people give you heaps of good tips. I did my REA with morgan and wacker, and just this weekend did my RE. Cost me $300 each time, plus i did a refresher on friday which was a $100. Giving up the cash for these guys shouldn't take a second thought. In my opinion, the Q-SAFE option is for experienced riders.
  5. I would do it. If I had the money, and I don't think dad would want to fork that out, with no real reason for me getting my motorbike license. We'll see though, I guess I'll go for the L's next week. Thanks guys.
  6. What's this about having to ride supervised when on your L's in QLD?

    Wouldn't that mean people getting their P's after not even riding a bike for 6 months, except for a little bit of practice to pass the test?
  7. You have to hold your L for 12 months I think, during that period you are only allowed to ride under the supervision of someone who has had the same class licence for a period of 12 months. Once you have had your learners for 12 months, you can either have the option of:

    a) Doing a riding test with Queensland Transport Officer in the cities, or QLD police officer in rural areas.

    b) Doing a Q-Ride course where you are deemed competent at riding. This can be completed in a single day, and consists of a written test, excercises in a training area (figure 8's, emergency braking etc) as well as a road excercise.

    That means Provision drivers can have minimal experience. Does not make sense for a Learner to be able to ride unsupervised, as they have had no experience on the road.

    Luke, if your old man wont pay for Q-Ride, punch him in the face :p Convince him its worth doing if he values having you as a son in the future!! Otherwise, save up the coin over the next 12 months!
  8. If you opt to go with Qride you can technically upgrade to your RE licence the next day after picking up your L's if you can pass the Qride assessment. I held my L's for three months before going for my RE licence but there were a couple of guys in my group that had only been riding for a few weeks.
  9. Yeah, well TAFE finishes in a month or so. Then I hope to get a full time job.

    A friend got his motorbike license 3 days after his L's. I heard he spent $700. Also, I'm not quite sure what happens on your L's. Does the supervisor have to hold a motorbike license? Or just an open car? Thanks again guys! Super helpful.
  10. In the ACT you have to do a 9 hour riding course. Almost all practical. In it they make sure you can safely start, stop and turn. They also have a simulated road course that has a stop sign, turns and merging in it. They watch you for the 9 hours to make sure you are competent at riding to a level that is safe on the road.

    In my time on my L's I only went riding with "supervision" once, and that was because he was introducing me to Brindabella Road (a fantastic bit of road, 100km/h limit and enough turns that you spend most of it around 60).

    I did about 5500km on my L's (3 months), in that time I did commuting, touring, highways, riding down nice twisty mountain roads. I could not of gotten that amount of experience if I had needed a supervisor. I would of practiced a bit around carparks to pass the test and little else.

    To think of it, most people consider other states motorcycle learner laws ridiculous. In NSW you have a max speed of 80km/h, I did that on my first day on the road and was doing 100 within a week.
  11. Just had a look at the QLD requirements for getting a learners license. Walk in and give the some money. No course, no skills test.

    It looks like the QLD P's is equivalent to the ACT L's, but you can ride on the road with someone else before you do any courses.
  12. Yup, supervisor must have had RE class licence for 12 months to supervise a L class on a motorbike.

    I did my training through morgan and wacker. I think it was $300, and I paid $220 on the weekend to upgrade from REA (auto) to RE. I had never ridden a manual bike before this weekend, and had only 3-4 hours riding before the q-ride. I have however been on a scooter for many years.

    The q-ride instructors will not pass you unless you are competent, so could take more than 1 day. However, you could do q-safe tests forever and not pass, plus you miss out on all the good info you get from q-ride..

    Where in qld are you?
  13. What about the supervisor holding R?

    Redlands, 50 mins South-East of Brisbane.
  14. R class is also fine.

    Give the q-ride mobs around your area a call and see what sort of prices they want. If you have access to a bike and someone with an RE or R class licence make the most of it, it will also help if you do decide to do the q-ride course.
  15. Qride is the best way to go. I went from L to R in about 3 weeks. Mind you that was before they changed the law of going straight to R if you had a car licence for 3 years +
  16. Okay, cool. Thanks guys! I'll have to get my brother-in-law to help out with learning. Thanks guys!
  17. I did my test, got my L's... the same week i booked a ride with qride.

    Went to qride for 2 days, got my RE license and off i bought a bike a few weeks later.

    technically u can go from unlicensed to riding a motorcycle by urself in 2 days
  18. I had my learners for about 8 years (I said yes when asked if I wanted to do motorcycle learners with my car). I then did Q-Ride in Cairns which was only one day and cost $220. That got me straight to R licence as I had already held and open car licence for 2 years. Most of the places I called cost around $220-$300 and generally the higher cost ones were spread over 2 days. I would not recommend the course that I did to someone with no experience as practice time is limited. The two day course may be a bit better though. There was a girl on my course that had no experience and she really looked like she was struggling, however somehow she still passed. I would find a two day Q-Ride course for a reasonable price and just do that.