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(QLD) Learner fine for no instructor?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kelle, Jan 8, 2009.

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  3. Thats a huuuge B*tch

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  1. Hi,

    I recently got my learners and I want to do some riding around the streets to get some practice. The problem is I don't know anyone with a full motorbike license. I was wanting to find out if anyone knew what the penalty is if you get caught with no instructor. eg, do you lose your learners and how much is the fine.

    Im only going to be driving in a few small streets so hopefully it wont be a big deal. But just wanted to know what could happen if I did get caught.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated

    Kelle :)
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  3. 1 point $160 fine(penalty schedule) They might decide to get you for other charges that they may think applies. Do not do it.

    Post a thread asking for a mentor, or buy some time at a course.
  4. Yeah i think i will just practice in my driveway, maybe one or two laps of my street.

    Thanks for the info Thera
  5. I hope your neighbours like you mate, one phone call can ruin your day(if the cops turn up)...

    There are plenty of members in Qld, most of them would be itching for an excuse to go for a ride. It isn't going to hurt you too much to organise someone to mentor you. And think of all the places they can take you, and more importantly All the things they can teach you. That is the point of having a minder. It is someone who will see you starting a bad habit, and correct it before it becomes second nature to you, they are there to keep you safe. I am going to steal a line of the water safety add, for this. "Who is watching you?" Going up and down your street is not going to teach you much of anything.
  6. Yeah so true, sounds like a good plan. Thanks for your help, very greatful.
  7. Just shell out for Q Ride, I just did mine at Pro Honda - got my license in 2 days at $270 per day.