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QLD Laws, riding out of class

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by max pwr, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, first time post but have been enjoying this website for quite a while. Am wondering about the penalties in Qld for riding say a 900cc bike while on restricted. Was told at q-ride that the penalty is automatic loss of all (even car) liscence for 12 months, other sources have said it'sa seventy dollar fine and 2 points.

    MOD: please get acquainted with the T&C's don't post all in caps and use the search, it's been done many times.

  2. Unlike the other states, being on an RE license where you have to ride a <= 250 is not a license restriction but a license condition. If you're caught riding an over 250 it's classed as operating a vehicle without a license. You'll be facing a loss of license, hefty fine and a court appearance.

    That's the law.
  3. And, as always, if you are involved in an accident your insurance company will just laugh at you and say cheerfully, "Oh, I'm sorry - you weren't licensed to operate that vehicle, so we don't have to pay for repairs to your $10,000 bike or the $15,000 damage you did to the car you hit. Have a nice day, Mister Couldn't-wait-12-months-to-get-an-unrestricted-license."
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