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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bravus, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. (I know this could go in Politics and Laws but think it's of general interest)

    Got a letter from the QLD Govt today, and the wife (who is on her Ls) got one too. Included a couple of brochures, one on gear (suggestions) and one on LAMS, plus a couple of new rules for beginning riders. The rules are displaying Ps, which riders here didn't used to have to do but now do, in line with cars - no biggie, no change to the Ps provisions/restrictions, people just know now. The other stops learners from pillioning their supervisors, which always seemed like a Really Bad Idea to me anyway.

    But the exciting one is LAMS! As far as I was aware it had been considered and then shelved for QLD, so to suddenly be notified that instead it's 3 weeks away was most excellent. As I've said before, The Boss (my Mrs) is not a jockey, and a 250 was not something that would have worked that well. Now there's a much wider range of possibilities.
  2. Yeah got that mail too. The display P requirements don't apply to me because I don't hold a P1 or P2 license car license (just a normal P type).

    LAMS isn't changing anything for me though. None of the bikes on that list seem appealing, so i'll be holding on to my 250 for a few more months till I can get a R1 :LOL:
  3. 650 hyosungs do not make the list?

    Says none eligible? Not that I would wish one on anyone in the first place.

    I am quite happy that it has come in here. I just wish kwaka made the ER6F LAMS complied. My girl is in love with them.
  4. LAMS was announced back in November 2008 but it's all been quiet and hush hush, really, since then.

    But it's all still happening despite economic gloom and doom. And yes I was intrigued to see no Hyosungs made the list (except the 250s).

    I expect that to change pretty quickly once Hyosung realises this. Unless it's the derestriction capability that is keeping them off the list.
  5. When I saw the list earlier in the month not only was I supprised to see the hysungs excluded but it looks like all the "lams" version bikes are excluded as well.

    Like the Lams versions of the Suzuki Gladius etc are all missing from the list.
  6. The humorously named GSX650FU is there though
  7. And that would be a scary bike for a new rider yes ?

    I'm on the larger side (140kg) and my wife's ZZR250 feels a little unresponsive.

    (first post)
  8. Nope, it'd be OK powerwise, though it's bigger and heavier... but presumably the reason you want a bigger bike is that you're bigger and heavier too, which means you should be OK. In America 250s are basically unheardof and everyone starts out on unrestricted 650s and so on.

    The trap for young players with this bike is that apparently it can't be derestricted at the end of your restrictions...
  9. So looking through that list, they have bikes like the GS500E listed, but not the GS500F, does that mean just because the same bike has fairings that its not considered LAMS?
  10. If you have ridden alittle on a zzr ,then you will be fine on the GSX650FU.

    Even in the LAMS model the bike has power of the full 650F to 7000rpm where its restricted to . I ride my full power 650F 50% of the time around town etc and sits on 120kph at 6000rpm ....so plenty enough for you to loose your licence.
  11. I dont think that anyone who has ever been on a motorbike came up with the exclusion list.

    i doubt they have taken the time to go through the list of bikes past and present and look at some of the sporting variants that have different of more powerful engines.

    i worry for people who run out and buy a performance variant that may when the government realise their shortsitedness will be force to sell off their bikes.

    these lams laws are really bad news for anyone currently forced to ride a 250 under the old p plate laws. i daresay that 99% of 250 bikes are going to be completely worthless.
  12. It hasn't made any change in 250cc prices here in Vic, from what I can see. The change has been - to the dismay of penny-pinchers like myself - that mid-weight bikes which are now Learner approved have risen in price. When I was buying two years ago, with $5k ready to burn, there were three year old 20,000km mid-weight bikes available at dealers for under $5 (eg, Redwing had an ER5 4.8 incl ORC, Mick Hone a Suzi Freewind 4.4 incl ORC, Yamaha City a Bros 400 incl ORC for $5); try finding one now! :(
  13. Just got this in the mail today, but I read about the changes awhile ago, including that big pdf on the research they'd done, etc.

    Still, what happens if someone already owns a 250 with more than 150kW/T, eg. RS250/RGV250 - is that now illegal, or can they continue to ride it?

    Shame that helmets need the AS1698 label. They should definitely be AS1698 compliant, sure, but it stops people importing helmets that are just as safe, or safer, AND comply with AS1698, but don't have the stupid sticker. :(
  14. Unless they are using some weird criteria, the omission of ALL the Hyosung range is just plain bizarre :? :?

  15. Biased staff at QT ? :p

    From a quick scan, it looks like they've removed the GSX650FU.

  16. Only the ones over 250cc. So the GT650 and GT650R are out. An appeal should fix that.
  17. :rofl: That's Hyosung quote's fantastic.

    QLD learners are very lucky, the stupidly fast and fun motards are on the list.
  18. No variant of an existing bike made to comply with Lams will be accepted.

    This is an Australian Ruling that will eventually be brought in to the states other than queensland..