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Qld LAMS approved bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by coxy47, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. hey guys

    basically im looking for a LAMS approved bike in queensland preferably a sport bike

    i have one mate suggest a hyosung gt650r though ive heard they are crap

    another suggestion ive been given is a yamaha yzf r125 though im unsure if i want such a small bike

    looking to spend up to about $8k on second hand bike

    any suggestions?

  2. Dont buy a hyo, they are crap.

    SV650, gladius, er6n/f, gs500, gsx650f, fz6r are some of the bigger lams bikes in NSW, not sure about qld.

    If you run some searches you'll find all the info you need.
  3. There should be no difference to the lams list Australia wide.. Granted I may be wrong and there could be 1 or 2 exceptions, but 99% of it will be identical.

    If you're mostly in the city a 125/250 will probably do nicely as a learner, if you ever plan on using the highways safely, either a 250 sports, or go for a mid-size like the ones suggested earlier.
    For that budget you may as well grab the prettiest, most comfortable mid size bike you can find.
    Just ask around the local dealers and find out which appeals to you more.
  4. Is the RVF 400 on the list for up there?

    If so, def worth a look
  5. yeah we can have them.
    If you can find one for a reasonable price
  6. Plenty of two-to-three year old CB400s for sale in Queensland at that price (dealers will listen to any serious offers right now). Smooth, low kilometres, sure-footed and a Honda... Nine grand for a 15-year-old RVF400 with probably no history to back up the magically low kilometres? Really?