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[QLD] Kyogle Loop, Sun Jun 10th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, May 13, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    Meet: 7:30am (for 8:00am start)

    Where: McDonalds Springwood.

    Where to: Rathdowney, Kyogle, Murwillumbah, Mt Tamborine.

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  2. woo! was hoping we'd be doin this run again soon :) praying for dry!

    so count me in :) :biker:
  3. Yeah Balmy,

    I did this ride yesterday (in the dry) and thought we just had to try it again.

    It's a long ride though people, so be prepared to spend at least 5 hours in the saddle (more for the Northsiders by the time you get home). I was thinking of splitting into 2 groups at Rathdowney and 1 group (let's call them "The Cruisers") can take the highway down to Kyogle while the other group (let's call them "The Sporties") can take The Lions road. That will probably depend on how many we have coming and the skill level of the group.

    I found some better stops too (with facilities) so I'll redo the "Ride Guide" and post a link.

    BTW Jim and Tim, it's not hard to spot the infamous bridge, those gouge marks are going to be there for many years to come :grin:
  4. damn that would be a nice ride.

    Im doin the daniel morcombe charity ride that sunday tho.

    will do the next 1 if I can make it for sure.
  5. OOOO Yeah!

    but.. the charity ride.........

    Dunno, which is it to be?

    decisions, decisions.
  6. Looks good to me.

  7. sorry out of it at the moment... charity ride??
  8. oooh... right. Nasty, ok I'm in if your willing JJ. Lets go get our patches.
  9. Whoo-hoo!!! :grin: :grin:
    I have to be there as chief ride reporter! :p
  10. Yeah, I did wonder if that would create some conflict.

    My choice is to ride with a few friends rather then 5000 riders I don't know. I'll be donating my $10 anyway even if I'm not involved in the awareness aspect. I certainly wouldn't begrudge anyone that chose otherwise.
  11. hmmmm which one to do???????

    charity ride, or leader of the cruisers????????

    mutts, can you absolutely promise me it won't rain? and who can show me the way to springwood at that absolutely ungodly hour of the day? do you realise that a 7.30 start at springwood is a 6.30 start at my place :shock:

    on a weekend :shock:

    with wake up and get dressed time added :shock:

    but then, if i'm to do a road trip then 6+ hours should be a doddle......shouldn't it?????????
  12. Can't promise anything Kezza except that at the end of it you'll say "...that was one helluva ride" :shock:

    Oh...and that if we start any later you won't be havin any lunch until about 4:30pm :eek:
  13. It took the northsiders 11 hours from your suburb in the rain last time Kezza! (Good practice for your long ride me thinks! :wink: )

    You know that I will pick you up from your place. Hopefully s_s will have his scoot working again by then and he can TEC from your place.

    What you think s_s?
  14. Might be the go, the masses milling around sufferers parasite (Suffers Paradise for the uninformed :wink: ) way mean less knobs in the hills.

    Time to take the Mule on a decent run maybe, although with a 200 k range, there'll be a fair few stops for me.


  15. I am with you JJ my milage before the jet kit and air filter was around 180K's.

    Dyno b4 jet kit 42bhp after jet kit and air filter mods 47bhp. 12% improvement. They say I should recieve better mileage as well.

    Good idea greg riding with 5000 people would be overwelming. I will buy a patch to show my support as well.

    Count me in at this stage
    decisions: sports or cruiser?
  16. like all improvements, you will get EITHER better consumption OR better acceleration/power, one or 'tother.

    Basically, to get the 12%, the filter/jets allow you to burn more fuel... don't use the 12% then the more efficient breathing will allow same power as before, at slightly less consumption.

    nope, there is no decision there :wink:
  17. :shock: you have to ask....
  18. hmmm either good practice, or a chance to decide a road trip is outside my limitations as yet.... :grin:

    as for pickin me up - here's a proposal - how bout i pick you up! must be bout time i did that......we can decide closer to the day anyway!

  19. hey fabes - happy for u to join the 'cruisers' - won't be a group ride if i'm doin it by myself!!!!!!

    :shock: :LOL: