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[QLD] Kilcoy Loop, Sun Sep 20th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    Brisbane Netriders,

    Start: 9:00am
    at: BP, The Gap

    I thought we'd head West this time (well actually North-West) and do the Kilcoy Loop.

    The plan is to start at The Gap, Head over Glorious, around Somerset and back over Mt Mee.


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  3. yep


    Well, i'll be first to put hand up and say count me in , bar the 3 Ws

    work , weather and women
  4. I'm in!
  5. Should be able to go, but maybe for now.
  6. Would be my first major ride, looking forward to it.
  7. Sign me up.
  8. Did this ride today, well well well well worth it! Fantastic ride with everything from twistys, to open countryside, hills and rainforests. The road up to Somerset was probably the best I have ever ridden for a cruiser! Hopefully ill be free on the 20th and come along too.
  9. Gotta be happy with the response so far :LOL:

    Derick, CodeMonkey, It'll be great to have you along on one of our rides.

    Benjamin78au, Geeth looking forward to catching up with you again.

    Sooty, you were going to have to come along whether you wanted to or not :p Now that you're our official ride reporter. :applause:

    ELX, Hope you can make it. As you said the ride has a bit of everything, and there aren't too many boring bits :grin:
  10. Me too :grin:
  11. Will be good to have you along again lawrence :)
  12. Pretty sure I've done the exact same loop a few times, it's a nice one, has a bit of everything, hopefully the roadworks between kilcoy and woodford have buggered off by now.

    Anyways - this far out I can't see a problem with that day! I'll be housesitting but that can take care of itself for a few hours :D
  13. it is one of the better roads i have been on , only down side, is it heavily patrolled by both marked and unmarked boys in blue.
  14. Woule be good to catch up with you again. But this time, i'll try to wear some camouflage and paint my face to confuse TheBigD :LOL:.

    Last Sunday, i rode through the same route. Bike was covered in a few inches of mud/some mud-like stuff. Spent 30 mins washing it in a car wash. Still there is some remaining :!: :mad:. But hopefully, by Sep 20th, all roadworks would have been completed.
  15. Wow, pretty good response to the ride already. Great to see some new riders posting as well. You can pencil me in Muttly, it will be good to do this ride again.

    Yer me too, had my fix of muddy roadworks last ride :mad:

    lmao, only cause I was tec, and spent a bit of time behind you, I remembered the details. Hope you can make it, and take some more great pics for us.
  16. :applause: RoyBoy, BigD, will be great to have you along.

    Don't worry bigD, we'll be avoiding the highway where all the roadworks are happening and take the back way through villeneuve.

    I only just cleaned my bike a week ago from the last time. :oops:

    I've been working on the ride guide and updating the layout in the process. For anyone who's interested in a sneak preview go to:


    Any feedback on the new layout would be appreciated.

  17. The only feedback I have is mmmmm....kilcoy bakery....harrgllargllhargh

    ...and excellent that it bypasses all the scungy road :grin:
  18. Looks good mate
  19. I might be tempted to come along to this. What sort of pace are we looking at for this ride?

    If I come along I would most likely meet you at the tea house and peel off at woodford and head home.
  20. It's a pretty relaxed pace. If you're a knee down, peg scapin' Adrenelin junkie then you'd probably get bored. If you just want to have a fun ride and check out some nice roads, come along! :grin: