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[QLD] Kelly's Birthday Ride Sunday 28th November

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Christi, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Kelly Birthday Ride

    For Sunday 28th November
    Hi guys, This is the Replacement ride that were doing for kelly. the Gc one is postponed for time being. however feel free to attend. Hope to see you all there and feel free to invite others, just let me know and send me there details for the emergency contact list....


    Meeting up at the BP at the GAP at 8:00am for a 8:30 depart.
    For all you guys that are traveling in from the south, feel free to meet Kelly at the yatala BP at 7:00 for a 7:30 depart.
    Thinking, Mt Mee, Mt Glorious, Stamford, Woodford, Summerset then back to Mt Glorious.
    Lunch will be somewhere along the way Ideas will be Welcomed

    Fun day out on our bikes in hopefully gorgeous weather on great roads.
    And a Great Chance to meet new people!!

    Confirmed Riders:
    TuBoy +2



  2. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    excellente`! Thanks for making a new thread. Now i just gotta do some glorious runs and get used to my new bike :p
  3. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    no worries.. ive never beenon this ride as a rider. so will be intresting
  4. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    Take it easy as there are some "hairy" hair pins! :D

    Its mainly an 80km zone, but I rarely rode at speed! More like a 10-60 zone for me! ;D

    An awesome ride though! :D
  5. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    I was on my way to glorious today... then it just pissed down raining!! I turned back and it was sunny!

    How annoying... ill have to wait till tomorrow. Gotta say, the 636 is soo amazing compared to my old 250
  6. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    what time tomorrow you going up ?
  7. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    MT Glourious/Nebo is defiently agreat ride, I live 5 min down the road from the Gap and do that ride pritty much once a week.

    Becarefull of the roads leading to Nebo, they've just retared the road and theres loose bituman. (found out the hard way when a group of us went up while they were still cealing the road).

    Well looking forward to Sundy, see you all there.
  8. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    Hiya QLD. Can I suggest that you include the date of your ride events in the title of your threads?


  9. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    ill probably go up at around 1pm today
  10. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    there was a detour there for the NR ride, i will confirm for the on the weekend.

  11. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    ok has Dan76 got your Detials? just in case you can make it
  12. Re: Kelly's Birthday Ride

    mmm lol i had the same kinda luck today.... was sunny when i left home. I rode to the lookout, started riding back and got absolutely drenched.

    The roadworks on the way to mt nebo still said "delays up to 20 minutes expected"
  13. Hello

    I am Kelly and it my late, combined birthday ride :)))

    For all those people meeting me at the yatala BP at 7:00 please look out for my black and white GSXR (Profile Pic) or hubby KTM 990 super Duke. We will be leaving BP at 7:30 so if you are running late please precede up to the BP at the Gap and we will all regroup there. The day will be jammed pack full of great people, wonderful location and fantastic roads of course.
    For all those who know me, it will be a pleasure riding with you again and for all those who don’t welcome.
    Stay Upright all you wonderful people and looking forward to riding with you all.
  14. Looking forward for the ride on Sunday!!
  15. I am in for this (weather permitting). Your birthday, Kelly, is better then any other reason I had to ride this weekend. I'll be bringing the Husky, so no TECing (it needs to be brought up to the 1k mark for its first service, this ride should do it!).

    If anyone is interested, I'll head off from the Morningside Caltex about 7:30.
  16. hell yea!!! Any Excuse is good for a Ride with Awesome people!!
    please Forward me your Emergency contact Detials ..
    Make and model of bike. your name and your person(s) of contact and If anyone has allergies please have this ready.. Its always better to be prepared for the worst..

    To those that have updated those to myself Thank you
  18. Looks like I'm out. Have fun.
  19. Could someone please pop up an exact route we are taking? Not sure if im going to do the whole ride.

  20. Hi Christi,
    Looks like I should be ok for a run tomorrow. Haven't run the boxer through that country yet so should be fun. . . weather permitting. I'm a newbie anyway so I'll be towards the back of the pack. PM with ICE on its way.

    Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Kelly, thanks for the excuse :)