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[Qld] July / August Vic netriders visit planning thread

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by kezza01, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. ok brissie and surrounds people,

    this, i hope (if the great moderator gods please), will be where we can start dumping / discussing all the plans for when the victorian crew visit in july.....

    the actual dates are to be confirmed by woodsie, mvrog et al, but i think in the meantime we should play around with how we intend to deme....oooops.....entertain them while they are here.

    potential ideas that have emerged so far are:

    a) Qld vs the rest (there may be some nsw people too?) go-kart competition
    b) scavenger hunt ride round the coast/bris/hinterland areas
    c) barbeques
    d) relieving the visitors of their stash of red wine (leave that to BM and me...)
    e) general partying / debauchery....??

    we also will need to work out accommodation options and offers - so far, there are four offers but this will all depend on numbers obviously.

    therefore, i now throw the social planning for our visitors to the floor for discussion......

  2. Hmm, how about:

    1) massages for the road-weary buttocks of the victorian visitors
    2) bikini bike washes for the bikini-starved southerners
    3) etc etc

  3. Usual place available to sleep/recuperate at the Hornet abode in Wollongong, if required, just let me know :).
  4. now can i take it that since the first two posts are from mods, that i have put this thread in the right place.....?


    and sorry loz.....water restrictions mean no bike washes for bikini-starved southerners..... :(

    as for the massages......any brissie netriders masseuses??????? if so, my shoulder needs a good work-out after my two long rides this week.....it is so sore that a week without the bike is actually goin to be a good thing for it

    :( :( :( :(
  5. thanx for that hornet.....i'll be posting a link to this thread in the vic's ride planning thread so i'll leave it to them to determine what accommodation they'll need on their ride up.....
  6. I'll wear the bikini for tips for lap dances. But no bike washing.

    We're not allowed to wash bikes up here with level 5 water restrictions... You have to bring your own water.
  7. thank god for you slow-suz.....i thought i might have to wear the bikini for em....*whew*
  8. I volunteer to drink the wine! :LOL:
    (Oh, and attend every social event.)
    I have a single bed and an inflatable bed, and room for sleeping bags.
  9. you heard it kezz, bm I have to wear a bikini for MR sick loz.... :roll: well i guess i could wear worse... :LOL: :LOL:
  10. a couple of magnums will do nicely hey wendy... :wink:
  11. On to more pressing matters... male bikini lap dances aside for loz. Scavenger hunt!!!! We are going to need some serious planning for this one.

    1: I think all people should be regestered for the event. Take down rego's phone numbers, bust sizes etc incase of trouble and i have to rescue some cross dressing fool from the police...

    2: A sealed envelope with a big map showing how to get to teh final destination / bbq for those who get lost or pike out.

    3: random shite that you must collect and bring with you

    4: A trophy of some description... the coverted "netrider scavenger" award!! I'm sure i have a few broken bits that can be welded together to make it... :wink:

    ok gtg
  12. Ha-ha! Great! I can't wait! :LOL:
  13. No gay mardi gras stuff, ok.
  14. Ok if i must but your breaking kerry and wendy's hearts by saying that...
  15. Serious? I didn't realise that they are dykes on bikes. Sorry folks
  16. mate I aint no dyke but I am a lesbian at heart :p and i am certainily not a poof on a piagio... I just have a feeling Wendy and kerry like shinanigans and people doing dumb fun things. If you dont want to join in Its all good...
  17. Shame about the water restrictions... But I do feel bikinis should be included in some way. Perhaps we'll have to get Roger to wear one. Or, you know, not.

    What else... somebody had better bring the toad wedge for a spot of QLD backyard golf.
  18. Eewww! Don't even say that! :shock:
    Nothing against you Kez but I'll never look at ya the same again! :p
  19. Sorry Loz- no toads out in the cooler months. :(
    I'll be sure to send some south for you in the summer though! :wink:
  20. That got it going, didn't it. hah