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[QLD] Jan 17th - '3rd Time Lucky' Kilcoy Run

Discussion in 'QLD' started by 17SJS, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Morning all,

    Posted this in the events calendar but for some reason it hasn't appeared here, so details as follows pasted from there;

    Brisbane Netriders,

    We're planning a third attempt at this blasted Kilcoy route! This time, no hail, heat, accidents or otherwise...hopefully just some fantastic riding.

    Meet point will again be the BP at The Gap, on Waterworks Road. We'll be leaving at around 9.00am, so please aim for 8.30 arrival so that we can go through the pre-ride formalities.

    If you are attending, please PM me with your name, bike type, mobile number and emergency contact details (name, relationship to you and contact number/s). I know Muttly probably holds them for most of you, but I'll make sure we've got the full list anyhow.

    Also for anyone who has not attended a NetRider ride before, please read through http://members.ozemail.com.au/~muttly/Kilcoy_Circuit2.pdf - the route will be slightly different but conduct and TEC expectations are the same. If anyone would like to put their hand up as TEC then let me know too!

    Looking forward to a good turnout!


    EDIT: Please make sure your PM contains the details as per the above (some added in bold)

    17SJS + pillion + 1
    Rhys Marshall
    geeth + pillion?

  2. Yep count me in!
  3. I'll let you know by next monday, but this sounds like a good trip
  4. I'm keen. I'll be able to confirm if I can come towards the end of the week. : )
  5. im coming!
  6. I'll be keen. Also happy to be TEC if needed.
  7. Count me in :)
  8. I'm thinking about going. I have never done a ride of this length before. Mainly commuting to and from work (about 45km round trip) and a couple of runs upto Mt Tamborine and back. Not too familiar with the Northside. Is there anyone from Wynnum area I could follow to the rendevous point.
  9. I'm in for this one
  10. I'm at Morningside if you're riding through my way.
  11. Hi Ryano, Morningside works well. I actually live at hemmant. I usually say Wynnum because not many people know it exists let alone where it is.
  12. It's not a particularly difficult run - plenty of rest stops too, for those of us who need to stretch the legs (or back - I'm still getting used to this Gixxer seating position!).

    ryano - would be great if you could TEC for us mate; might try to convince geeth to share with you :p

    Looking like a decent turnout so far guys and girls. All PMs replied to as of this morning.

  13. Thanks for the replys guys. I'm looking forward to it.
  14. I'm happy to meet up with any Gold Coasters heading up for this ride, that includes you Peskysheepy if you are coming :)
  15. I'm in too :busting:
  16. Have to confirm the wifes schedule - but if she's not at work I might try and come along for this one...
  17. Afternoon all,

    I've just been out on a reccy run - roads are all looking pretty good, with the exception of the run alongside Somerset (hideously bumpy). Given that there are quite a few sport bikes coming, I think we'll try a very different route that has a bit less highway-style riding and is much, much smoother!

    Total distance will be about 230km, and we'll have a crack at Mt Mee in both directions. Hope that suits everyone still?
  18. Sounds like a plan. What's the details?
  19. Still the same meet point and time. I think instead of going down the back of Glorious, we'll go down the front into Samford, then up through Dayboro and Mt Mee (stopping for the group pic BEFORE everyone gets all hot and sweaty!) then via that back road to Kilcoy for lunch. Then back the same way, so we get to do Mt Mee again going the opposite direction.

    We'll see how it pans out, but I think it should make for a less painful experience than what I had today...damn stiff rear shock...