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(Qld) Interesting reply to Email to Qld transport Minister

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Mkey, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. G'day All

    I recently sent an Email to our Minister for Transport asking the logic behind front number plates, pointing out the dangers involved, insurance issues, public liability issues and wondering when Qld transport decided to become a branch of Vic roads (Everything Vic roads suggests, Brown nose Qld want's to copy)

    This was the response I was sent

    Dear Mr Keys

    Thank you for your email dated 18 June 2008 to the Honourable John Mickel
    MP, Minister for Transport, Trade, Employment and Industrial Relations
    regarding your concerns with the VicRoads proposed initiative for front
    number plates on motorbikes. The Minister has asked that I respond on his behalf.

    The Queensland Government recognises the importance of road safety to all road user groups, including vulnerable groups such as motorbike riders. It is also acknowledged that excessive speed does contribute to a proportion of crashes involving motorbikes. In fact, in the 2006 Queensland Road Safety Summit, representatives identified improving speed enforcement of motorbikes as a high priority action.

    Queensland Transport supports initiatives that will improve vehicle
    identification, which is an essential component of effective speed
    enforcement. The issue of the requirement for a front identifier for
    motorbikes was most recently raised by Victoria and is currently being
    considered at a national level. Queensland Transport representatives are
    aware of this project and have raised a number of practical concerns that
    must be addressed in order to identify the best and most appropriate means of having motorbikes identified from the front.

    I am advised that there are a number of issues to be considered prior to
    the making of a requirement for a front number plate to be fitted to a
    motorbike. Among those issues is the current design of motorbikes which
    in many cases does not easily allow for a front number plate to be

    Queensland Transport advises that options being considered include the use of adhesive backed decals showing the registration number of the motorbike and, methods of fixing brackets to hold a number plate to the front of a motorbike.

    It is necessary to investigate each of these types of identifiers and the
    method used to fix the identifier to ensure that there is no impact on the
    safety of the motorbike, rider or other road user through an alteration of
    the handling, cooling or operation of the motorbike.

    If you require any further information, please call Mr Andreas Blahous,
    Land Transport and Safety on (07) 3253 4260.

    Yours sincerely

    Assistant Policy Advisor

    Correspondence Management
    Departmental Liaison Unit
    Phone: (Removed)| Fax: (Removed) | Email:
    Correspondence.Management.QT@transport.qld.gov.au QUEENSLAND TRANSPORT |
    Corporate Office Division | Executive and Ministerial Services Branch

    So In summary, we will not fix the poor roads, solve driver training issues, we will just bill you out of existence

    Typical stupid politicians
  2. Now return the email and advise him the email was intended for the minister not his policy advisor and could the minister kindly reply since it was addressed to him.
  3. Just did! :cool:
  4. Come Monday or Tuesday I'll hopefully have the OK to post up something interesting about the Qld stuff...
  5. Re: (Qld) Interesting reply to Email to Qld transport Minist

    What's the plan for the rest of the "proportions"??? Is speeding the biggest proportion? Is speeding defined as above the speed limit or greater than what's prduent for the local conditions? What percentage of funding and resources is going into "speeding" enforcement versus the proportion of real speeding incidents?

    Can I have a bus to drive through the hole in that advisors logic please?
  6. Where the hell would you put a numberplate on the front? Looking at my cibby, it would have to be above the headlights. But wait, thats my fcuking windscreen. Below the headlights, it would neatly block half the radiator.

    Tell the minister for transport that his village called - they are missing their idiot.
  7. I actually found that email response to be quite good.

    They have acknowledged that one of the aspects of motorcycle crashes is speed, and the most effective way to reduce speed is to have more identifiers on the bike. I would see that as fair as your not gonna try and go faster if your risk of getting caught is higher.

    I am also quite impressed by this part relating to finding ways of having front identification:
    "to ensure that there is no impact on the
    safety of the motorbike, rider or other road user through an alteration of
    the handling, cooling or operation of the motorbike. "

    All in all it seems a very decent response. They are trying to find ways of increasing safety without impacting how our bikes perform and without any reduction in safety.
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  9. You're on drugs. :roll: There's a job position going here, manybe you should apply


    How anyone with half a brain can think that enforcement is a good way to reduce the road toll is completely beyond me. Try thinking outside the square Einstein.

    *edit* Your name isn't Harold Scruby is it? :butt:
  10. I would now ask if the use of adhesive decals (probably the most practical way for sportsbikes to be identified) has been considered with respect to damage to paintwork etc in the event they are removed for a change of registration number etc.

    If they are stuck on for a few years in the sun etc the glue can be pretty sticky, and when you sell the bike or it goes interstate etc and the rego number changes, can the minster ensure that if adopted, a decal that will not cause any damage is going to be used?
  11. Something that has been pointed out - they are in a bind. If it's easy to remove it's easy to steal. If it's not easy to remove it may cause damage...