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[QLD] ICB experience like no other

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cat with fleas, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Now, anyone who knows of the ICB (inner city bypass, Brisbane) knows that it's a dull bit of road. Of the whole stretch there's one spot that gives off just the smallest bit of pleasure it's what I like to call the 3 bend (three corners snaking after the other).

    However yesterday, I was in my car and stuck behind a truck struggling to make it up the hill and through these corners of semi-awesomeness. So I change lanes, only to find that a bike behind me had the same idea. Poor guy he escapes a truck only be faced with a four-cylinder practically doing the same thing. So I decide - he's going to enjoy these corners just like I do on the bike. So I floor it (by floor it I mean go from 60 to barely 75). Nothing spectacular but I could tell in my rear vision mirror that he was liking it. Thoroughly. I change back into the original lane after and slow down to the speed limit waiting for him to pass winding down my window and giving him a thumbs up. The response was a flash of this headlights (could've been a bump though) and a wave. He sits behind for a few seconds and takes off. Waving again.

    Imagine my complete horror when I realised as he was going past that IT WAS A COP on a MARKED BIKE!

    There I was on my LAST point and speed in front of a cop because I wanted a fellow rider to have some fun! Imaging explaining that one. He didn't pull me over and for long while afterwards I still didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  2. That's funny cat..


    I can imagine the look you would have had the moment you realised too.
  3. Lucky it was a cop and not a camera...(powers of discretion). :wink:
  4. I would of shat me self, very lucky on that one.. :LOL:
  5. I've got a ticket there before!
  6. Haha, sets a new meaning for "Oops" :oops: I know the feeling, except mine wasn't a happy/lucky ending...
  7. ha ha ha ha ha. thats awesome cat. i would've shat myself too!
    had a 'oh f*!k moment the other day. split past a cop car on the western freeway in the morning. i swore into my helmet and kept splitting as far as i could so he couldn't catch up!
  8. Glad he reacted as a rider, not a policeman :) it's kind of encouraging.
  9. lol mate,

    thats lucky, i would love to have seen the look on your face!
  10. Yeah, coz it's much more dangerous to drive next to a truck in a small car than to do 15km/hr over the limit on a main road.

    Being a rider had nothing to do with it: you're lucky he was a rational cop who understands the road rather than a f*#%ing stupid one.
  11. I reckon he probably thought you saw him and wanted to let him past, being such an important person and all. Yer a lucky man!
  12. If that was a victorian cop you'd have lost that last point. Not that it matters because you'd both have been killed from what the government says, in a blazing ball of carnage. Speed would have been a factor. :shock:

    I guess even cops appreciate a considerate driver when they see one. Bike cop, so no doubt a cut above the rest when it comes to recognising a good corner when it appears. :)