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[qld] Hunt for biker after pedestrian hurt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by licensed, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. interesting story.. i only caught the 2nd half on the news.. the dudes bike looked a mess, i think it may have been a street triple or something similar.. hmm

  2. He's not a rider, he's a theif. False rego plates means stolen plates, means probably stolen motorcycle. I believe they call this type of scum an 'unrider'.
  3. That, or he was out for a top speed night run.

    No doubt it was reported stolen either way.
  4. perhaps - i'm sure there are those dumb enough that think changing registration plates is enough.
  5. i heard on the news it was a stolen bussa, i must say i have not read or seen much in to it
  6. From the Courier Mail:

    A MAN who was struck by a motorcycle in a hit and run incident on Brisbane's southside on Saturday has died in hospital.

    Police said the 43-year-old man was crossing Old Cleveland Road near Macaulay Street at Coorparoo about 7.50pm on Saturday when he was hit by the motorcycle.

    He was taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital in a critical condition but died overnight.

    The rider fell from the bike as a result of the crash, but ran away.

    The motorcycle was found to have fake registration plates.

    He was last seen running through a supermarket carpark.

    Police investigations into his identity are continuing.

    The death has lifted Queensland's 2010 road toll to 202 lives lost, 88 fewer than at the same time last year.
  7. what a fuggen loser, good ol saying "u can run but u cant hide"
  8. So true Goz...every dog has his day, he'll have his....soon !
  9. Another unrider counting towards our already poor stats.
    RIP to the victim
  10. Oh noes, an unrider who was unriding an unmotorcycle uncrashed into a real pedestrian.
  11. what a tool. Hope he got messed up after the fall.
    RIP to the poor victim.
  12. Hope he rots the prick
  13. here's another one:
  14. Holy crap!

    Words can describe what happened but when I think about it, that's pretty sickening, cut it off, fudge.
  15. fair dinkum ](*,):facepalm:[-(
  16. Fukcin Maggots, the both of 'em.
  17. On OC Rd at Cooperoo? I don't think so. [-(