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[QLD] How Many BLACKBIRDS In A Row?, Sun Aug 17th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 7, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Carol Featherstonhaugh

    SUNDAY, 17TH AUGUST 2008.

    This is a Social Ride with a kind donation for the Cancer Council QLD being very much appreciated.

    And of course the more Birds the better - but the ride is open for all machines and skill levels. 95% of all roads we wil...

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  2. 11 Blackbirds and counting.... :grin:

    I'd like to see how many GPX250's we can get - Birds to lead, GPX's can TEC!! :LOL:
  3. welll carol GPXs might have to TEC because they are soooo slow compared to the bird :p
  4. Hmm. I'll be keeping this in mind :)
  5. I feel a revolution mounting :wink:
  6. Fine by me! We could seriously outnumber those Birds without really trying! :grin:
  7. but what about us humble viragos?????????????????
  8. This ride is open to all bikes, all skill levels - we just ask that newer riders let everyone know who you are so the more experienced can keep an eye out for you!
  9. This is the official flyer - please pass it around!









    Some of you may not know but the SR-71 Blackbird is the world's fastest and highest-flying operational manned aircraft at Mach 3.2+ (2,200+ mph, 3,530+ km/h) at 80,000 ft (24,000 m) . It's a left over from 1960's technology and I was lucky enough to be on the runway with one of these birds when it took off...\

    Now back to the ride.... it's going to be a huge turnout so make sure you are there so the Kawasakis can outnumber the Hondas!!!

  11. We have raffle prizes:

    Bottle of Bundaberg Rum Distillers No. 3 (Silver label)
    Camel Pack

    $1 a ticket, drawn at the Withcott Pub after lunch.

    No entry fee for this ride, just throw some coins or notes in the hat when we pass it around!

    See you there!

    Are you sure about that I thought they were finally decommissioned in 1999???

    Do you mean SR-71 or the Honda's :p
    I dont know of any other higher flying aircraft that does Mach 3.2?


    The SR71 picky I know but although they hold the records they are no longer operational...
  15. I am with you now...yeap the SR-71 last flight took place in October 1999. I am so glad I got to see it flying though :roll: :LOL: My bad


  16. Here is a Map of the Route for the Ride folks with details below of markings:


    Details of the Ride:
    A – Rally Point One at ProHonda Rocklea, 8:00am for 8:30am depart
    B – Rally Point Two at BP Servo Blacksoil, 9:00am for 9:30am depart
    C – Esk via Route One – Brisbane Valley Hwy to Esk (Straight to Esk Run), stopping Esk Bakery for morning tea, Blackbird photo shoot
    D, E, F, G – Esk via Route Two – Wivenhoe/Somerset Rd to Esk (Split Yard Creek Run), stopping Esk Bakery for morning tea, Blackbird photo shoot
    H, I – Rally at Esk “H†up the Toowoomba Range along Esk/Hampton Road
    I, J – Along Toowoomba Range (fuel fill stop along this route) to Murphys Creek Road
    J, K, L – Down Toowomba Range along Murphys Creek Road back to Warrego Hwy
    M – Withcott Pub for lunch, raffles, Blackbird photo shoot, kind donation, prizes etc. etc. etc.

    Cheers Paul
  17. Only 2 more sleeps!! :grin:

    Just reminding you all that this ride is open to EVERYONE!!

    Hope to see some of you there

  18. Thank you for a dream come true for Paul!! :grin:

    And thank you for contributing $777.80 to the Cancer Council Qld's Challenge for Cancer!

    I received a phone call from Paul at 8.00am this morning to report there were 13 Blackbirds at Pro Honda, and another 12 support bikes and one support Ute - Thanks Rae! - ready and waiting to meet me at Blacksoil. I was at the Blacksoil BP with one other Bird, all the way from Grafton!

    By the time we pulled out of the BP there were 20 Blackbirds and countless other bikes!

    Thank you for the photo shoot at Esk - we'll get those photos up soon!

    It was an enjoyable days ride, the roads were great, the company even better, Mr Plod missed out on revenue raising, and hopefully everyone has made it home safe and sound!

    Thanks to everyone who helped and donated, and we look forward to a bigger and better Blackbird Ride next year!

    Carol & Paul
  19. Hi all,

    YES - we did it - 20 x CBR1100XX Super Blackbird's IN A ROW - A new Aussie record. I will get a few nice pics up soon ok.

    Well thanks for a wonderful turnout for this ride - it was excellent. And the donations from everyone was a little overwhelming - so well done and everyone pat yourselves on the back for raising some funds for an excellent cause.

    I think I might turn this into an Annual event - though the Blackbird part of the name for the ride will be dropped now so everyone will not be confused :p It is important to be able to let folks know that "lesser" machines can ride with Blackbirds every now and then :) Joking

    Thanks again folks - it was a great day :) I would also like to thank personally those folks that help me out with leading, organising, and of course providing a support vehicle on the ride - you know who you are - well done. Also thanks for those that donated prizes for the raffles too - much appreciated.

    Cheers folks and catch you on the next outing :)

  20. ...as promised, some photos from the Bird Ride below









    If you are part of the Facebook crowd please add me and you will see heaps more pics - Paul Featherstonhaugh :)

    Cheers folks and thanks again for a wonderful ride :p