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[QLD] Honda VTR250 bikini screen & radiator guard *REDUC

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Mr Luke, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. 1. brushed aluminium radiator guard = was $170 now $120

    2. dark tint bikini screen/fairing = was $140 now $100 now *SOLD*

    Both in as new condition (well outside of a crash nothing can really happen to them right?) and include all receipts and fastening screws etc (as applicable).

    I will gladly post these items to other States. Please contact me for an postage estimate if you are interested.


    Links below to larger/higher resolution photos:



  2. your bike is too clean, please ride more.
  3. 12,xxxkms in 6 months my friend. I'm just anal about cleaning things. My brother says I'm "ill".

  4. Why are you getting rid of them?
  5. Selling bike. In fact its "sold" tentatively pending arrival of bank cheque.
  6. And the buyer didn't want the extras? How much wind protection does the screen actually provide at freeway speeds?
  7. Nope they only wanted the oggy nobs. I was a little shocked they didn't want the radguard. I think those things are great. But I guess that's like the people that don't have insurance ... :roll: they'll only regret it if a rock goes through it.

    The screen takes maybe 30% of the wind off your chest at 100+kph? Hard to quantify it but it is actually noticeable. I mainly got it because I thought it looked cool :cool: .
  8. i do around 50-60,000km a year, given up on cleaning :p

    screens in general are awesome, make a very noticable difference in wind buffering, had one on my 2nd VTR. need to get a new one for this one now...
  9. *Cough* There is a thread around here about someone selling one? :LOL:
  10. Ok the radgaurd is tentatively taken (pending funds and collection).

    The screen is down to $115. Who wants it?
  11. Throw in a free VTR and nibor will take it...
  12. who manufactured the screen?
    where is the bikini as advertised, all i see is a screen? :p

    i personally prefer the look of the 1/2 bikini screen i got from Replico, but for the right price....
  13. Radguard now $150 (was never paid for collected).

    Screen now $100.

    If they haven't sold by Friday they are off to the bay.
  14. $120 on the radguard any takers?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.