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QLD - Help registering bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by duff_boy, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    Need a quick hand with registering my new bike. When i bought the bike(private sale) it didn't have a rego sticker on it(he said he'd lost it) and he couldn't find the latest rego paper(but he assured me it was still registered for 6 months postdating the last rego paper he had showed me, expiring in november) and given the fact that he was still riding it around i was inclined to believe him.

    Anyway he got a RWC and wrote me out a receipt for purchase and we filled out the transfer forms. No worries. Bought it approx 3-4 weeks ago but i havent had time to actually hand the papers in until today. Lady at QLD transport tells me rego run out several months ago and the bikes unreg. So i have to hand the old plates in, fill out new rego application forms etc.

    Anyway, this brings me to my actual question. Just filling out the new paperwork now and Section 10. CTP insuer says " If this vehicle is unregistered, CTP insurance must be prepaid to the insurer before presenting the vehicle for registration..."

    Does this mean i have to ring up an insurer and organise CTP myself?? Lady at QLD trans quoted me approx $260 for 6 months rego including CTP insurance which is why im confused. Last time i registered a vehicle the CTP was paid for with the rego. I need to get this right before i go back in as its near impossible for me to get there as they're only open business hours, and i work business hours. So if anyone can help me with the correct procedure that'd be great.


  2. Hey mate went thru same stuff as u

    ok firstthing work out if the bike has been modified any way, then check the seating capacity, if it has rear pegs its 2 obvisouly. after that go to ur insurance agencie and tell them u want CTP for ur motorbike cause u have to register it. the thing with ctp though is that u get the certificate, and u pretty much have to take ur bike down that day to get registerd.

    CTP for my 250 virago One seater was $79ish.

    after u got ur certifiacte get all ur paper work u need to register it and as long as u have ur licence and ur paperwork and ur CTP certificate u must remove the old plates then u can ride it down to transport to get registerd. they may have to inspect it.

    once ur there give them ur receipt of purchase then ur registration form then ur there copy of the ctp certificate and ur licence for indetification i think. if all sweet u pay upfront for rego and stamp duty and ur off

    after ur registerd go and get ATLEAST 3rd party insurance cause CTP only covers death and disabilities in case of accident to other people.

    hope this helps chrisco