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[QLD] Hand held Radar. How does it work?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by IceTime, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    Does anyone here know just how a hand held police radar works? Reason I ask as I was just, I assume, let off by two police officers.

    Oddly enough I had an inner sense that here may be some police about and should scan the horizon intently and slow down a bit. Split second later my visual scan paid off as I spotted a dash of high vis yellow behind a parked car, increasingly I grabbed grabbed front brake, and slowed from 100k+ to 60k speed limit. But not before getting a lot closer. They stood up and made physical motions like they had just missed a crucial putt in golf... before raising their hand in an expession that I gather means they missed me by this much... and then the wave to say slow down...

    So my question do the hand held radars require a certain time period of say a few seconds to gather a reading or are they instantaneous as I imagined. Or is it that bikes may be a small target and they weren't ready to get me when I appeared around the bend. Just trying to understand their frustrated expression... as I don't think they really wanted to let me go but in the end they did... :)
  2. I believe that in VIC they have to zap you for 3 seconds at speed, and the
    minimum speed in that time is the fine? Perhaps QLD is the same...
  3. If it was handheld, it will be Lidar not radar. Lidar gives areading virtually instantaneous but what probably saved you is they were targetting someone else when they spotted you, by the time they got you, you had slowed enough for them not to bother booking you.
  4. Hotcam: Thanks

    Devil: No one else was on the road... Lidar huh? Hrmm learn something new everyday. I think maybe rather than looking at someone else... I spotted them too quickly... however I'm almost 100% I would have been going fast enough for them to bother...definately 10+

    Guess I'll never really know. :)
  5. Hey Icetime,

    I don't know exactly the details of the "Lidar" but I do know that kind ogf equipment has particular specifications (speed range, angle, regular calibration, etc) that has to be complied with for it to get an accurate reading - that said, the police (and their machines) are not always accurate! And having experience with QLD police (vs other states I have lived in) I find they are generally very keen to "get" people, regardless of whether or not you're in the wrong. I am sure devil (and your instinct) was right, they just missed you and didn't have anything to get you on - or they would have used it! They stopped you anyway to give you a lecture because they couldn't book you and they had to exert their authority...