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[QLD] Group Ride 20/03/11

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by PeskySheepy, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. I'm starting to itch for a bit of a ride before Uni really kicks in. Anyone keen to do the south-west ride Kojihama proposed before the Brissy floods?


    Date: 20/03/11
    Time: 8am meet at BP Yatala for 8:30am departure
    Route: Beaudesert, Boonah, Rathdowney, ect http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...5394,153.301163&sspn=0.315193,0.614548&num=10

    Spots + friends

    Tentative Riders

  2. sounds like a long ride :) tenative at moment
  3. Unless something pops up, I'll be there! Awesome roads!
  4. i'm in providing the wasp is back together. it's a month away so all should be good *fingers crossed*

    EDIT: ooohhh on second thoughts, that's 400km, i dunno.......
  5. (Edit: Just checked www.131940.qld.gov.au and they've put a re-opening date for the Mt. Lindesay Highway now. Edited my post accordingly)

    Mt. Lindesay Highway will apparently be repaired and re-opened by then, so that's good. :)

    Yeah, I'll go. Might be able to round up a friend (and maybe pillions).
  6. Yay! I was going to actually post to see if someone would organise something... us Brisbanites seem to be rather lazy with organising rides :p

    That route seems a bit different to the one I suggested, but i'd be down for some action! Put me down as a tentative for the moment.
  7. I just grabbed the map link from Scotty's post. Feel free to modify it, make it shorter and whatnot. : )
  8. can't figure out how to modify an existing map :(
    suggestion: run lions road instead of mt lindsay, goes from just outside kyogle to just north of rathdowney.
    yeah i know it cuts out a lot of ground, personally i HATE mt lindsay. i've never once seen it without being covered in rubbish, and given my track record for almost going off the side of mountains, be fkd if i'm risking that drop
  9. Tentative for sure.
  10. I don't care on route, i'll just come along for the ride.. I wouldn't know where i'm going anyway :)
  11. Im am able to go , Ill follow you down, Kojihama
  12. Sounds like a plan. Count me in!
  13. put me down as a maybe... i should be good tho

    and shall we northsiders meet at Taigum shopping centre again?
  14. Awesome! Anyone semi-familiar with the route willing to take a crack at a revised map? I've only done a portion of the ride so I'm no good.
  15. I know the route you posted well Jem and happy to lead if you want.
  16. Damm - my roster came out today for that week, and im working that weekend ....](*,)
  17. That'd be terrific! Thanks, Dan.

    No worries, Adam. Maybe next time. : )
  18. I've done this route a couple of times - nice roads!
    I should be able to make it - put me in as a tentative yes.
  19. sounds like a plan.....
    you got that cornering thing sussed yet??
  20. If the Taigum gang want to meet up, we'll have to be at the Taigum shops around 6.30am for a 6.45am departure. It's about an hour ride down to Yatala.