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QLD Govt M/bike Survey - closes 30 May 08

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Cat with fleas, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone! Below is a link to a motorbike survey from the Queensland Government. Get in and have your say guys. Only takes 2mins and there's PLENTY of room for any remarks or comments at the end. Closes 30 May 08.


  2. doing it now :)
    because it beats doing a data analysis for my assignment
  3. I'll place this on a couple of other Forums I frequent.

    Bloody QDOT sounding more Victorian TAC by the Day
  4. Done and done...

    I'd be interested in knowing the mental disabilities of the group who wrote the paper. Clearly their stupidity is terminal.

    The paper reads like a 5th grade story. They are using foreign data and rehashing ideas put to bed last decade...

    It sounds as if some clueless committee staffed by stack hat wearers, Transport beurocrats who couldnt tell a honda postie from an R1, arts students and a couple of clueless cop "managers" sat down and decided whats best for the riding public.

    Heres a rough outline of their meeting... this could be their minutes:

    umm yeah lets uh fine them and stuff I hate bikes they're so dangerous... umm yeah I cant see them when I drive ... uh lets make them wear hi vis stuff ... and uhh umm I saw on today tonight that uhh they speed and stuff but can't be caught... yeah uh lets put tracking devices on them and front plates... like why dont they have that already u know?
    Yeah and like I read an article that like riders who dont ride much are like less better at it...so yeah lets jack up licence fees and stuff because you know they are just toys anyways... duh and those big bikes are so fast hey lets ban them...I mean my camry cant do 160...yeah nor can my prado... Iam always nearly running over bikes they are just so dangerous... I never see them when I change lanes either... yeah I know they should be bigger like our 4wds..you know and safer... yeah dangerous toys thats what they are...lets ban them. End meeting.
  5. And the survey... Do you hold a bike licence?

    I hope, if the answer is no... then their survey is instantly deleted, because they don't have a scrap of qualifications and don't have a right to add their two cents on the issue :evil:

    Unless of course they fully support riders ;)
  6. I thought I'd help you QLDers out so I read the document (it wasn't really that bad, but a bit limited) and answered all the questions, and filled the comments sections. No, there wasn't plenty of space, I had to edit down what I wrote quite a bit, and I didn't even rant at them. I commented on all questions. I hope you QLDers appreciate my effort. :p

    One thing I thought was totally off was that they wanted to use the Levy (which I totally Disagreed with) to pay for "enforcement to identify illegal behaviour." Victoria say they don't/wont use it for that, so QLD either think they can slip it in, or they think VIC are using to for that. :roll:
  7. I'm totally with you on that one matie!

    My comments at the end of it turned into a massive rant as well. So I ended up putting sh*t in point form - idiots read better in point form. A few paragraphs would melt their brians.

    There's alway going to be some issue with new law proposals, we just have to hope that not every lawmaker is a colossal halfwit. And make sure we can put in as many of our own opinions/comments/suggestions as possible.
  8. Can anyone say front license plates? :evil:

    oh and

    What if i've ridden for 2.5 years? :LOL:
  9. Yeah... I need some kinda disclaimer on my posts... I am aware that far too many of my posts end up in garbled ranting. I imagine it detracts greatly from the rest of the useless crap that makes up the remainder of the text. :wink: